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Whats the best components I can get to build a a machine for $800USD? It'll be used by A graphic artist
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  1. As 2d graphics art work is not very graphics card intensive, probably just about any ATI or Nvidia graphics card in the $100 range or so will do, preferably PCI-e to match a new socket 939 NF4 mainboard....

    You could get an MSI K8N Neo4 (under $90), and perhaps a dual core X2-3800+($295) or Opteron 165 processor, 2 ea. 1gb sticks of PC3200 ($200), a case with a 450 watt PS ($100), and a Western Digital or Seagate SATA hard disk in the 200GB range ($95), preferably with a 16 m cache size....

    The parts listed will run roughly $800, but that asumes you already have an operating system to install, and a monitor and keyboard/mouse...

    (If forced to make a cut somewhere due to budgetary constraints, you could opt instead for a single core cpu, a 3500+ for roughly $200 is quite snappy and nice..!)
  2. I'd go with a Dual-Core processor with a LOT OF RAM. I've taken a Graphic Design course at my school, and so I know you guys use a lot of Photoshop and InDesign. Those programs eat up RAM, so get 2GB. You can go with a cheap $100-$150 Video Card. Get a fat HD to store all those designs you've made too. :lol:
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