EAX advanced HD 5.0 sound cards

Ok. I want one. there is a large difference in price. I just want to hook up my sourround headphones and mic. I so far only looked at the soundblaster cards. I think currently they are the only cards to support 5.0 but it ranges from like 370 to 110 on the same line of cards. I dont see much a difference Little help?

Ok after some looking it seems audigy does advanced hd also but it didnt say wiether it was 5.0. I want the best, but I dont want to pay ffor stuff I dont need ya know.
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  1. I have the x-fi ExtremeMusic.I mostly game with phones.Its much better then on-board sound.I think it will do all you need.
  2. Yea I think I am going with the music card. audigy doesnt have 5.0 support. but the only difference I see is software package and the drive bay. also the 64mb on board ram on the fatality and elite. but I dont want the drive bay. and I wont pay like 150 mor for 64 onbaord memory, I mean I have 2gig, well I would like some more opinions but, i think I am decided on the music version. Oh did you use that music upgrade thing? like super rip or whatever, is it as cool as it sounds?
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