Overclocking potential?

I'm presently running the following system and was wondering if anyone with similar parts could give me a rough idea of what sort of performance increase I could expect if I overclock. (not worth burning out parts for a frame or two)

Athlon 64 3400+ (clawhammer)
2 gigs DDR400
x800xt pe (AGP)

System temp is 41, CPU is 34, and GPU is 39 (all idle)

I've heard my CPU won't overclock well, and not sure about my vidcard as pe edition is already pretty heavily oc'd. Think it's worth playing around with?
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  1. That chip is plenty fast for gaming as it is so you really won't see much improvement if you overclock it. Your video card is far more important in determining performance in game play once you have a CPU as fast as the one you have.

    It also depends on how far you can overclock your chip. If you can get something like a 30% overclock out of a chip, it can make a pretty big subjective difference in the "feel" of quickness of the system, particularly if you start with an inexpensive low end chip. For example, I bought a Northwood 2.26 533 FSB chip and overclocked it to 3.4 GHz on 800 FSB. That made the computer signifigantly faster. Your A64 chip on the other hand is a pretty fast chip to begin with so your performance gains won't be as noticable.
  2. I have the following spec that is quite close to yours

    AMD 64 3000+ OC @ 2.5 Ghz
    A8N-E Ultra HT freq@ 4 X ( abit high but fine)
    Corsair Value select 2 Gb @ DDR 380++ (actual speed)
    Leadtek 6800GS (520/ 1.2 Ghz)
    Xtreme Music
    Hauppage WinTV theater (no drivers! bummer)

    Whether I overclocked or not, I do noticed some improvement to loading times and gameplay etc. Normal applications I can't tell. the kick I get is that I paid for less to get the same clockspeed at the higher rated ones :)
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