Pc Problems

ok i think this is a power issue but im not sure

ok my secondary PC is a 1.8ghz willamette with 256MB or PC133 RAM

a 40GB HDD and an 80GB HDD running at 7200RPM's and an MX440 AGP 4x

i left it running for like....a week and today it wouldnt respond

the light was on but when i turne dth emonitor on nothing when i press the power nothing

o i unplug it and plug it back in it beeps like crazy and i gotta unplug it and let the power drain then plug it back in and it works normal

help plz

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  1. You say you thinks its a PSU problem but you did not state which PSU your actually using...
  2. Pay attention to the beeps - they are BIOS error codes.
  3. stock PSU for an HP vectra its my dads work PC
  4. Which BIOS error code? Fix it yet?
  5. no im using it now

    i didnt rememebr the beeps

    nexttiem it happens i will tape record it tho

    i think it was a mobo stability issue i turn it off everynight now so its fine
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