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Before I begin, these are preliminary opinions, and I hope to add to them as I do more tests.

I'm using a Gainward GeForce2 Ti\500 XP w/ analog output, so my picture quality won't be as nice until I get a card with DVI.

I like almost everything about this monitor, even with analog. Picture, brightness, angle of view, analog and DVI support. Not to mention it looks really really great.

BIG PROBLEM: <font color=red>I simply cannot play first person shooters with this screen yet. </font color=red>I've tried Firearms and Quake3; both were like playing in a dream due to ghosting. I'm very sad at this fact, for I've heard such great things about this model and the TFT7020. Perhaps the TFT7020 is really a lot better, and I made the mistake of assuming they would both perform on the same level.

So, here are my questions: Will I experience better luck with DVI? and: Could I have possibly set up something wrong with driver and settings that would cause more ghosting?

I am grasping at straws, I know, but I do really like this monitor, and I'd hate to have to return it. Any input is well appreciated, thanks.

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  1. sorry for not beaing able to help, but i would liek to know the same, if the ghost will disapear when you use a dvi output
  2. How odd. I assume it would, since that monitor really wasn't meant to be used w/ analog interface (the pic sucks). Maybe it will go away- exactly what temperature was the room- it may be sensitive to temp actually.

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  3. Hello again,

    I haven't been able to check out DVI support because my roommates computer (Dell) doesn't work quite right (surprise surprise). Anyhow, I coudn't get the DVI to work even after installing the detonator 2311 drivers. I've wanted to by a new video card anyhow, so I may just get a geforce3 after the 4's come out, then I can test myself.

    Anyhow, the crappy thermometer on our dorm room wall says it's 70 degrees F, which gives a rough indication of a normal operating temp. Also, it's had pleanty of time to warm up, with no real improvement.

    I'm considering returning it for the TFT7020, because it's only about a 100 dollar price difference. (and, unexpectedly, I was able to sell my currently unused, cheap PCI video card and 15" monitor for 90 bucks, which almost makes up the difference.)

    Does anyone know if it's 15 or 30 days that Compaq allows for returns, and how about restocking fees? Thanks.

  4. DVI will NOT help with the ghosting issue.
    Ghosting is a known issue with ALL LCD's.

    The 15inch LCD might have a higher responce time so maybee try the 17inch one.
  5. Actually, it may help. Also, with lower response times, ghosting can be basically nothing.

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  6. DVI made no difference in the 25ms panel I tried, except to make the picture a little more clear. Let's face it, not everyone is going to be satisfied with the LCD's performance, even at 20 or 25ms. I wasn't. If the 7020 has less ghosting, then these response time specs aren't as accurate as we think. If you are an elite fps gamer who relies on quick movements and pinpoint accuracy at the same time, you may be disappointed.
  7. I have a TFT7020, and quite honsetly, it's excellent in games. I am a "pro" in HL (cna beat it in a few hours on difficult setting), and am mad good in RTCW. Thus, I do move quickly, but the TFT7020 responds fast enough to make the pic look nice. Also, the Planar monitors seem to experience the same thing...which further leads me to believe ASV may be MVA in a different form...they r just too similar!

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  8. flame: what kind of system specs. you have with that LCD?

    Planar is a nice one too but I read conflicting reports most say it's great and some say it has a lot of ghsoting in FPS especially people with very high end systems.

    I guess with a very high FPS count the responce times can't keep up.

    Is the LCD really better on the eyes for reading? E.ven though my CRT has an adequate 85Hz refresh rate.
  9. I can notice even 100Hz refresh, so LCD is for me. Overall people tend to agree that LCD is easier on the eyes...somehwere in the flat panel setion a member posted how his eyes felt a lot better after using LCD and that certain headaches and whatever were gone (he used it for prolonged hours). I do believe my sys is high end- T-Bird 1.2 GHz, 512DDR, Quadro DCC (real one), SB Live Platinum, XP professional. There is no ghosting in games. At max res, LCD should be run at 60Hz, and maybe people are pushing it to 75Hz or something.

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  10. Besides Flame, you should also look at the review that Computerboy put up earlier this week. He raved about the 7020 on FPS games and his system is pretty nice, XP1900+, 512MB Ram, Gainward GF3 Ti500 card, etc. I would think that's as pretty fast as you can find...
  11. Welll...u can always have a Cray but...:) The TFT7020 I believe has proven itself to be a solid monitor, that could very easily replace a CRT. It is sad that Planar's monitors experience ghosting, as well as the TFT5030, which begs the question if MVA and ASV are as good as they say. Regrettably, I am going to have to be skeptical about MVA again, b/c as u can see, from THG's review and from the Planars, they don't perform as well.

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  12. Flame

    If the manufacturer didn't mean for the monitor to be used with analog why would they put an analog interface on the unit? You are so biased that you do not understand the issues.

    Jim Witkowski
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  13. Flame

    NVGTS is correct, DVI does nothing to help ghosting, Bias showing through again.

    Jim Witkowski
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  14. We are comparing apples with oranges here.

    The people with the Planar MVA units have a fast system and a very fast video card. Like Geforce 3 and so on. So obviuosly they see ghosting because the fps rate is just to high for the LCD to handle.

    Flamethrower. Your system is fast but the video card is no where the speed of geforce 3. This could be the reason why everything is running great. However when you upgrade the video card to Geforce 3 or 4 down the road the ghostinf issue would probably come up with the Compaq 17inch LCD too.
  15. I believe the higher the framerate the more ghosting there will be. I experienced this first hand with Half Life and Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the Planar PV174. HL was at a higher frame rate and the ghosting was very noticeable. RtCW didn't have as much ghosting visibly and that was likely because the framerate was between 30-60 since I had everything jacked up. Furthermore, when I turned v-sync on for openGL, the framerate in HL got capped at 60, and there was a little less ghosting from what I noticed. These were run in native resolution. For HL, I had to use 1280x960 but it worked in native with gaps at the top and bottom.
  16. NVGTS, do u know what a Quadro DCC is? It is a GF3 except the pro version, and a lot more powerful. In OGL, it will probably destroy a GF4. Gosharks, I have seen cases where using DVI has in fact lessened the ghosting. Why r u getting so pissy b/c I don't like MVA? As u can see the MVA monitor didn't perform well in THG, and the planar seems to have ghosting as well.

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  17. I run a Radeon 8500, Athlon 1400MHz @ 1600MHz, 512MB DDR RAM. Half-Life is capped at 100fps, and stays pegged. No ghosting. I have Quake 3 capped at 125fps, no ghosting. V-sync is off for both OGL & D3D, and the fps counters in both games report the above numbers.

    I honestly cannot get this monitor to ghost in games, significantly or not. The only gripe I have is that many older games don't support 1280x1024, but that's the no 7020's fault. :P
  18. Like I have told you before, there are many factors that can create ghosting and other artifacts. You try to isolate and focus on pointing fingers at one item without taking into account the other possibilities.

    You do not seem to be able to get past the "What I purchased must be the best for everyone syndrome".

    Jim Witkowski
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  19. I don't suffer from that syndrome. I was recommending the TFT7020 for some time before I bought one, so don't accuse me of that. What, do u want me to start reccomending your company? The TFT7020 has proven itself to be a good monitor, and once I have found something good, I stick with it, until something better, that truly is better coems along. Simply for the TFT5030 I have seen reviews from Cnet and whatnot saying that its digital picture is much better than its analog.

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  20. No thank you, I wouldn’t want you to recommend any of my products unless you have seen and used them which I know you have not. Also I doubt that you could be objective enough to put your bias aside. This is why we have professional equipment reviewers. I would take their word over an anonymous post by a 14 year old in a chat room.

    Jim at
  21. Ok, what exactly do u consider to be my bias? I happen to like the TFT7020 because of the way it performs. I was merely offering a possible resolution to the ghostin issue with the TFT5030. If that didn't work, then I wouldn't reccomnd it, as I don't reccomend the TFt8030 b/c the low contrast. What does my age have to do with anything? I have had years of experience with computers and monitors, so that would make me just as good as say a 30 year old. I think it is you who has teh bias.

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  22. Comment like “Analog sucks” and “ and “since that monitor really wasn't meant to be used w/ analog interface (the pic sucks). You consider helpful when in fact they may not have anything to do with the problem? This along with the fact that you cannot spell shows your age.

    Am I biased, Yes this is why I sign all my posts with my real name.

    Jim at
  23. Analog pic certainly doesn't look as good on the TFT5030 as digital. That is something which has ben agreed on, thus I state it for those who do not know. Sometimes doing weird things will help with the problem, and that isn't that farfetched. As for my spelling, I type very fast, and do not spellcheck my posts. Sorry if you post your posts in word or whatever and run spellcheck. It's just the way I type. One thing- I really would not give my name on the internet, mainly for security issues.

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  25. Ive got to say somethign to.
    Flame, get over yourself. Ive read enough of your posts now that Im on the verge of blocking you(I know you dont care).
    Its agrivating. You keep digging yourself deeper but making invalid statements, irrelevant comments, and saying irrevrent Crap.
    Instead of putting the energy into finding out all the facts, you attenpt to sound like you know ALL. When you so clearly now DICK all.
    The Quadro DCC, is a diffrent structure then you so apparently say it is, adn yes Im going to go with Elsa's website and not your false statemnets on this one.
    If you even have the card, you clearly dont know what its true potential is. Its more evedent with each comment you make about it.

    Some free advic. Stop digging your self deeper, and keep it real. A lot more is learned and accomplished by everyone when we stop trying to be a know-it-all, and try to learn something.

    Comparing posts. I would take Gosharks advise over yours anyday. I have read many of his posts, and finally searched his for posts by him because Ive gotten so much out of each one.

    To Goshark, thanks for sharing what you know. At the very least Im a more knowledgable consumer then before. You do know your monitors,

  26. Yes, I do not know all, but I certainly do know some. Can't understand why dumb douche bags like urself come in here and start bashing people like myself who have spent considerable time looking at LCD's and studying specs, etc. Do u have any idea how many times I have expained to people rt, contrast etc. But I guess, yeah, I don't know dick. Sorry, I don't spend time studying mine, since I spend it studying computers and LCD's. I just try to help people, and yes I do care. I do view those who I help as my freinds, and I would never give bad advice perposely to a freind. Do u have any idea how many people I have helped buy LCD's, and that they are happy with them? As for my Quadro DCC, and fuckwit would know that it is a slightly different Gf3, and yes I have used it to its full potential, especially w/ 3d s max R4.2 and Elsa maxtreme. I do disagree with what some people say, and argue with them, but if I am wrong, then I will take the advice. As of yet, I am to see how MVA is the best. I tell people advice using products that have proven themselves, the TFT7020 being one of them. I have tried many things with it (I own one), and yes, it is even good for graphics design imo. If you do not trust me, or simply have something against me, do not read my posts. I do not help those who I dislike.

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  27. Uh....Flame, I would really stop talking as you are doing more damage to yourself. So in comparison, what would a response time of a CRT be in retrospect of an LCD.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  28. That I am not sure about, so I'm sure gosharks will be able to give u exact details. I will give u what I think though. First off, "response time" on a CRT definetly does vary, especially w/ fall time, since on my old 15" CRT, there is ghosting/ streaking. On newer monitors, this isn't so. As for the rise time, it really isn't noticeable, so that's not an issue. I would assume the response time of a CRT is less than single digit ms, if not measureable in nanoseconds.

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  29. what is the deal with running lcd at 60mhz, 70mhz and 75mhz?

    what is the difference? why is lcd mean to run at 60mhz?
  30. CRT’s are analog devices, thus they do not have the rise / fall and setup times that are inherent to digital devices.

    In a CRT it depends on many factors, mainly the resolution and refresh rate you are running. The pixel clock of a monitor running at 1280 x 1024 at 85Hz is 157.5Mhz or 6.3 nano seconds. This is magnitudes faster than the best 25Miliseconds of an LCD panel.

    Now you need to take into consideration that the phosphor luminance starts to degrade as soon as the beam moves to the next pixel.

    Also you need to take into account the type of phosphor used. Older monitors that were not capable of running high enough refresh rates to reduce flicker, use long persistence phosphors. These phosphors were notorious for causing the ghosting affect. Today almost everyone uses a standard p22 or B22 phosphor that is considered a medium – short precipitance.

    All else equal, bottom line CRT’s is magnitudes faster than fastest LCD. If you are serious about games and have the space CRT’s IMHO are still much better than LCD’s. CRTs also have better color saturation.

    To answer IMO question.

    LCDs do not refresh like CRT’s, The LCD stays on the entire frame, thus LCDs do not suffer from the flicker problems related to running CRTs at a low refresh rate.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer
    Cornerstone /

    Jim at
  31. hehe, 6.3 nanoseconds is only a tad faster than an LCD:) Hmm, my CRT must be of the old type, cause it ghosts more than an LCD w/ 50ms response time!

    Only if you let me see the Umpa Lumpa- Homer Simpson.
  32. Flame

    You need to look up the difference between a nano (One billionth) of a second and a milli (One thousandth) of a second.

    Lets see the difference between one thousand and one billion,this is big in my book.

    Jim at
  33. I was bein sarcastic- notice the smilie face. I know the difference between the two.

    Only if you let me see the Umpa Lumpa- Homer Simpson.
  34. Digital input does not improve responstime, so I have a hard time imagining, the blurr will disapear with DVI. Maybe it would help to go down to 60MHz, so the last "shot" is not as strong anymore, when the new one is shot? Shot = illumination.
  35. You monitor has an operating frequensy, and if that is set to 85Hz, and your videocard puts out 170, you will get 2 half pictures. A fast videocard can not make the monitor produce morefull pictures than the operating frequnsy permits. You can even get three (or more) parts of pictures in one redraw. Also a picture can start at the lowest lines and then continue on the upper lines, just to be changed the next split second.
  36. I have not read the mentioned reviews, but it was a long time since, I stopped paying attention to CNet reviews. I was to often disappointed by their believing in manufacturers specs and statements.
  37. Wow, this is an old thread. Why was it brought back from the dead...

    Look out for #1. Don't step in #2 either.
  38. Because I sorted the topics in order of views. And this one has gotten mighty many views. And because it has not been touched for a long time, it can still be viewed by a lot of people seeking advice on the mentioned monitors. Also, I myself tend to search a forum, before making questions. And for those others, who have the same tendensies, I thought I would provide this service. Well, actually it wasn't all for my good heart. I also looked at those threads to learn, and I am just not good at letting information wich I find wrong stand as truth. Because, if noone argues the validity of the statements they will by most people be considdered truths. OK now, peace to all. I will probably not dig up any more old threads - but that isn't a promisse ;)
  39. Hehe, I go away for just a few weeks, and this happens! JK ;)

    Seriously, the only thing I wanted to comment on was that I have a TFT7020 and that it performs really well in FPS games that I play. I do have it connected to the DVI connector, and never even played with the analog connector, so I don't know what the actual difference is. I don't experience any ghosting when playing virtually any FPS game. I obviously don't know if the 5030 has the same performance as this, so I can't comment on that.

  40. Bet u $5 a 170T performs better.

    Sig of the week.
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