Fried PSU?

Ok, It happened a while ago, while in my urge to install my new raptor into my overpoblated case, everything went pretty cool (I mean on the part of moving 3 HD in order to install the raptor, the problem was I accidentally connected the molex conector backwards on two HD (1 sata 80gig, 1 40gig 5200rpm) it was a miracle the raptor survived this incident. Obviously both drives fried, but My question is:

1. It is safe to keep using this PSU or at least this rails after the incident?

Maybe its to late but Im using my computer for at least a month or 2 after this incident the board detects good voltages (no more than 5% ocillation) but still Im worried if I should change the PSU immedately, because it may damage my peripherals. Thnx :idea:
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  1. You connected the 4-Pin molex power connector backwards on two drives?! How did you manage that?! Those connectors are shaped to only fit one way. :shock:

    If your PSU is providing good, stable power and there is no scorched/damage on the connectors, then you should still be able to use the PSU. I'd put a multimeter on the specific rails that I was concerned about to get direct voltage readings and verify good power before connecting devices.

    On the other hand, if you would feel more comfortable replacing the PSU, then get a good low-cost replacement like this Fortron 450W. This is a good all-around PSU, but list your specs so we can verify it's sufficient for your rig...
  2. Well u know bad luck sometimes really likes to kill your drives lol...I think I can blame it on the black cat I saw that day on the corner lol...still I really dont wanna change PSU, and there is no visible damage, I just wanted to be sure I could be using my PSU safely still Ill try checking voltages on those rails.

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