Newegg vs. Tiger Direct any difference?

I was looking for a motherboard on Newegg and Tiger Direct, when I noticed that for the same board with the same Retail box, Tiger direct was charging $279 while Newegg was charging $239. Is there any difference I should be aware of? Like is the support or quality of shipments, etc. better at one or is it just that one is charging more?
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  1. Never dealt with TigerDirect, buy all my stuff pretty much exclusively at newegg. Prices always good, service is excellent, couple of times I accidently hit the wrong buttom more than once and ended up buying the same thing two or three times. Called their 800 number and they fixed it immediately. Usually get it within 3 to 5 days. Never a problem.
  2. I've had several bad experiences with tigerdirect. Their rebates are almost without fail misleading, good luck getting anything out of them. Very shoddy telephone support, and returning a defective product was a complete pain.

    On the other hand, I've never had anything but a positive experience with newegg.
  3. usually have better prices, but usually have better deals that comes with rebates. But bear in mind, lots of users have failed to receive their rebate from I have received a most of the rebates, and got some rejected (MP3 Player, Mad Dog DVD-Writer, 19" LCD Monitor).
  4. tiger direct is a garbage store with a garbage return policy. It's simple - you cant. At least not in the GTA (Toronto, Canada) locations. Not sure about online, though.

    I would never buy anything from Tiger Direct, it's way too overpriced.

    I'd recommend

    Very very very good prices and reliable.
  5. If my personal accounts dont sell you on NewEgg, then I would recommend you look at their own actions.

    I give them a huge heads up for stepping up and responding the way they did. I was offered money for shipping delays do to the natural disaster. I denied it, because they have been so fair with me... So what do they do? They send me a free hat, a Shirt, and a licensee plate cover... plus an offer for $10 credit on my next purchase.

    I want to work for NewEgg. Very few companies actually do what is right, instead of what makes them money. I would be happy to work for them and would be satisfied that my work wasnt motivated purly by greed.

    They must be crazy:) But I wont buy ANYTHING anywhere else...

    I am even thinking of not buying VideoGames from anyone but them. Its just not worth my effort to deal with EBGames cocky employees, sales piches and the time it takes.

    So NewEgg, if you need someone to program some websites/inventory systems/etc, I am available... Ill even be CHEAP!

  6. Recently ordered a new CPU form newegg that was DOA, which obviously wasn't newegg's fault. RMAed it back to newegg. Sent via post office first thing Monday morning, 10/23/06, arrived at newegg on 10/25/06, and the replacement was sent out on 10/26/06. I think this speaks volumes regarding their service.
  7. I got 1 day RMA response from Monarch Computers. However I couldnt exchange the defective product for another product. I wanted to upgrade my Asus P5B to the P5B Deluxe, because I learned some stuff that was important to my setup. NewEgg would have done this for me. I also had a much more lengthy response from Fed-Ex, due to some shipping errors.

  8. My uncle bought a video card from newegg so I think its probably better there... I think
  9. I know this is an thread and that my reply won't help in your choice, but I just want to put in my two cents:

    Newegg: I started buying from them because they had low prices and stuck with them because they have awesome service. I once ordered from on a Friday afternoon and received the order the following Thursday. I complained about the slow processing and shipping (I had standard 3 day shipping) and they refunded the shipping, gave me $30 off and free shipping for my next order, and gave me a shirt and plate cover. All this even though it was not their fault. (I guess they close at 2:00 PST and I ordered at almost 3:00 and they don't work Sat. or Sun.)

    Tiger Direct: Two of my buddies ordered a DVD burner each on one order. When they got them, both didn't work and one was scratched and had visible signs of use (both were listed as new). After getting an RMA and shipping them back; they get them back. The problem was they got the exact same ones they sent back. Tiger Direct is famous for their lack of service and for selling used or refurbished items as new.
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