Virtual Memory Upgrade?

I was told I need to increase my virtual memory. I can not find virtual memory on newegg. How much is does this cost? Who are manufacturers of this kind of memory. My computer is crappy, should I spend any money on this?
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  1. Virtual memory = Pagefile.

    What operating system are you using?

    Do a google search for "changing windows 98 virtual memory" where you would change the "windows 98" part to whatever operating system you have.
  2. My Operating system is an IBM. I'm new to this stuff. ????
  3. Jesus Christ! virtual memory is memory that is on a partitioned space of your hard drive, it is usualy slower than normal RAM, I suggest that you just buy more meomory moduals.
  4. Does that mean I do not have enough harddrive space to increase my memory?
  5. I got some virtual memory I'll sell you real cheap.

    I also have a bridge, it's in Brooklyn, that's for sale too. :wink:

    Seriously, it's a swap/page file on your hard drive. All virtual memory is, is hard drive space that is allocated to be an "overflow" space for your RAM. You can just adjust the size you want this file to be. Just don't make it huge, I think the recommended size is 1.5 times the size of you RAM, someone correct me if I'm worng. Just do what EllisD420 said.
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  7. It's not cheap.
  8. I've got a guy with a transmogrifier that can make some. I'll have him get in touch with you.
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  10. I don't know anything about IBM systems.... AHEM..... But, to add virtual memory in xp, for those of you that don't know,

    goto windows control panel - click the system icon -

    when the box pops up, goto the advanced tab -

    click the settings button in the performance section -

    when the performance section opens up, select the advanced tab -

    down at the bottom you'll see the change tab - select it -

    in the two boxes... initial and maximum size.... change those. initial to a little more than the recomended size - hit set.... hit okay

    This guy doesn't understand how to do this, and you morons gotta bust his chops. This place is here to ask questions and to learn. Shame on you.
  11. I agree with swifty, remember we all have to start some were.
    There are no dumb question, just dumb answers.
  12. it`s funny but out friend needs help...
    as many posted ...virtual ram ..... it`s an amount of hdd space ...used by windows as pagefile ..... just make sure you got same spare space on c: assuming your virtual memory is set on that partition..
    in order to set your virtual ram just click right on my computer propertiesadvancedperformancesettingsadvanced..and you`ll see the virtual memory tab there....assuming you have windows xp
    good luck
  13. Agreed. We have a noob asking a legitimate beginner's question, the least we could do is point him to a good explanation, or give him one.

    Let's say you have a desk, with a pile of blank paper and a big drawer - the pile of blank paper is your RAM (256Mb/512Mb/1Gb depending on your system), and the drawer is your hard disk, with your files in it.

    You spread sheets of paper on the desktop while you work; but after a while, you run out of space on your desk, and want to put away some of the papers you don't need to use right now in a special, empty file in the drawer so that you can easily retrieve them later: it's your 'swap file'.

    Well, this swap file has a finite size that is defined where swifty_morgan indicated. However, your hard disk may also be full, in which case you can't give more room to your swap file, so delete some unused files, uninstall unused softwares, delete a few old documents...

    You can check how much disk space you still have free by opening Windows Explorer, right-click on your C: drive and click 'properties' - the blue part of the disk is used, what's pink if free. If there's almost no pink left (fully blue disk), then you need to make some room.

    Edit: mistakes
  14. Thanks guys, your a life saver.
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