Navigating the Memory Upgrade Jungle

With new programs pushing memory requirements to fresh heights, there has never been a better time to maximize your RAM. We had a look at how memory vendors assist you in finding the right modules
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  1. I was disappointed that you didn't address the issue of memory timings. I'm not sure how useful an article like this is without doing that.
  2. Quote:
    little godamn noobs like yourself should shut up and go away.
    Fascism is alive and well at TG Forums, I see.

    I'm judging the article on how it addresses its stated topic: "Navigating the Memory Upgrade Jungle". If you go to buy memory, it is very important to know about timings. They are quoted for most memory modules and they can have a huge impact on the price. Merely getting a list of (possibly) compatible modules from each vendor is just the start of the navigation process. Who needs to know about the history of PC100 or the Intel BX chipset... it's not relevant to "Navigating the Memory Upgrade Jungle". What is relevant is the issue of timings, and they aren't mentioned.
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    whilst alot of enthusiasts use this site the writers do not write articles solely for them. timings are only important for people who want maximum performance. a person looking to upgrade a dimension 4600 which i believe was the featured comp is not going to be gaming so will not need high performance ram. this was an upgrade we're talking about. people may be upgrading an old comp so the history was important.

    once again you completely miss the point of the article.
    Don't you think timings deserve a mention... even a passing one? Even PC133 came in CL2 and CL3 flavors. Isn't it a bad thing to buy slow memory to add to fast memory? Shouldn't people be aware of that? Shouldn't people understand why they are being charged more for memory with tighter timings? Shouldn't there be a mention as to what timings you really need? Isn't this all a significant part of "Navigating the Memory Upgrade Jungle"?
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    perhaps, but again you don't seem to understand the memory and its specifications come secondary in this article to how the vendors help you find ram not what ram they help you find.
    I understand how this artcle fails to live up to its billing. It should have been called something else, like perhaps "Let Memory Vendors Help You Choose Your Upgrades". If I saw that as a title I wouldn't have bothered reading it and I wouldn't be here critiquing it. Yes, upgrading memory can be a jungle, but this artcile may still leave you stranded.
  5. You make a very good point and it is noted.
  6. Quote:
    You make a very good point and it is noted.
    Like he said.
  7. Please learn how to reply to the person you are intending to reply to, or maybe you are calling me the idiot?!? Wouldn't be the first time... but is not a good way to get on my good side. :roll:
  8. Hello Rich, how's life been treating you?
  9. Honestly, life has its share of ups and downs, hopefully I have had my quota of downs and am ready for the ups! :lol: Seriously, you know what I mean. But we are managing.
  10. How about:

    Navigating the Memory Addition Jungle, or

    Navigating the Memory Replacement Jungle.

    An upgrade can simply be more of the same memory or better memory. When I saw the title I thought the article was going to discuss buying better ram where, of course, it would have had to mention timings. After getting into it I saw it was just how to buy more of the same stuff.

    I'm still waiting for the followup to "In Search of True DDR2 Bleeding Edge Memory".
  11. Wow, you're smart Bilbo, it's all about, and only about, buying more of the same stuff!
  12. Hey Crashman, I was just somewhat agreeing with zimberto but explaining why there was no mention of timings. I tried to add something useful to the conversation and even referenced another article. What did you add but an A-hole comment. You are a piece of work or a piece of something.
  13. No, I agreed with you. You're the one making a-hole comments now. Who knows why, maybe you need to take a break?
  14. And thank You, SupremeLaw, for pointing out the type of user who finds such articles pertinent. Obviously such an article serves them better than, say, hanging out in the community. Obscure technical details were only meant to describe incompatibility, while the rest of the article was aimed at getting the buyer more of what they already have.
  15. Quote:
    Though maximizing memory on new system builds is as easy as choosing a standard kit

    Can somebody help me understand what is meant by "standard kit"? Does that mean pre-assembled whole units from say Dell or HP, or do optimized self-build computer kits exist? I've only seen ArsTechnica's System Guide's which suggest a set of components to purchase for the later. Can anyone recommend kits that are sold as a whole?
  16. Dual-channel memory pack. 2 modules, the current performance standard is 2x1GB modules though you can also find 2x2GB packs. For Vista, you'd ideally want two 2GB kits.
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