Really need some help!

Well thing is, i bought my new computer around 4months ago, a P4 3,4GHZ S775 - four pins DDR2 - XFX Geforce 7800GTX - 2 SATA nad 1PATA disk. NorthQ 400w Silent PSU

well it worked fine untill now that i installed Oblivion, got to play it for like one hour and my PSU just popped and it really smelled like something had burned in there.

Well I got out and bought me a new one, dont remember the brand but it was an 420w cheap something ^^ and i took out everything i didnt need. worked fine for 1day until i started damn Oblivion again. got to play 15min and the same thing. well ive burned my third PSU testing / hoping to fix this but i really dont know what to do now.

I read somewhere though that for a geforce 7800gtx its recommended to have an Ampere over 26 on the 12V rail. well most PSU's seems to have 2 12V rails around 20Ampere, is that just as good ?. And yeah what should i do? could it be that the gfx card dont get enough power? 8 based that on the fact that it only happend when i played a game that really required som juice from the card) or do you mabey have other idé's i could test.
Really dont want to plug in just an otherone and se that get eaten upp aswell :P

Any suggestions are welcome ^^
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  1. Well looks like you choose your power supplies poorly :wink:

    There is the good old reliable FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX450-PN 450W at $58 shipped it is a good bang-per-buck and has a combined 36A on the +12.

    The next good deal seems to be the Antec TRUEPOWERII TPII-550 ATX12V 550W which is $90 at the moment, and gives a combined 38A on the +12.

    At $143 the FSP Group (Fortron Source) FX600-GLN ATX12V/ EPS12V 600W should be able to dish out anything you can throw at it since the combined +12 is 45A...
  2. well, never had any problems with my PSU's.. but you learn from you r mistakes ,)

    but could it have been the PSU that was to weak? I mean can it really get fried for that ? ^^ or do I mabey have a more serius problem. Really dont want to plug in an $100+ psu and see it get fried in 30min

    thing is I really would like to order one from sweden since its often cheaper and goes faster. But i couldnt find the ones that you just pinpointed. so mabey you could look at two PSUs and say what you think, if its no good then ill just take one of those ^^ [600w version]

    but thx for the links!
  3. Yes a strained PS will do strange things. hopefully it popped and died, and that's it... in the worst case it can kill other components.

    The hiper looks ok from the specs, but have never used them. The seasonic would be my choice...
  4. I definitely agree with the Seasonic S12 - simply awesome PSU. If you've popped 3 PSUs, then I'm surprised you didn't kill the mobo and the system will still boot. Overvolt protection on most cheaper PSUs is not awe-inspiring...
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