SATA power adapter?

So I just bought the antec 1088AMG case with the 480w trupower power supply.........and stupid me didnt check the number of connectors.

I just put it in and have never seen these connectors before. According tot eh antec site they are "SATA connnectors" but i have 2 SATA drives and dont see how these could connect to them.

Anyhow, I am short about 2 normal power connectors and do not appear to have any place to use any of the 4 SATA connectors...can I get an adapter somewhere (hopefully BB CC or someplace local) to use the SATA connectors to power my IDE drives? or is that not good?

I dont know if its relevant but I dont have any PCI-E slots so tht power connector remains empty, as do the 4 extra pins on the mobo connector (only have a 20 pin mobo...again didnt check this before i bought, assumed atx was atx was atx)

So can I get an adapter somewhere to make use of these power connectors? And am i gonna run into problems running 6HDs and a dvd burner off this PS?

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  1. so im a big idiot....the SATA connectors do fit...must be getting tired here. They looked slightly too small for the connectors on the drives.

    My newest SATA drive had one end of the cable that went into the data port on the mobo and the other was a wide end that covered both the data and the power ports on the drive. Is any SATA interface capable of powering a drive? I only ask because im using a PCI SATA controller...
  2. I'm guessing you have a WD hdd, and that the cable you refer to is the SecureConnect cable.

    If this is the case, then you need to use the Legacy Power Adapter (4-pin molex) to provide power to the hdd. The SecureConnect cable does not supply power to the hdd.

    That means you will need additional 4-pin molex connectors. You can buy 'Y' Power Splitter cables (1 female to 2 male) from most decent pc stores.

    Regarding your 1st post, each WD740 hdd requires just over 10W under max load. You will need to do the calculations yourself taking into account the other components in your pc, but unless you have some power-hungry components, you should not have any problems running 6 hdd's.
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