can ANYONE answer this?

i asked so many people and i cant get a straight answer! i bought a new desktop computer and ive never heard of this before but its an Intel Pentium duo 2.6ghz. Does this mean its duel core? some people told me its the Core duo for desktops some people told me its the Pentium D which supposidly sucks . Can anyone give me a straight answer please because im really confused with it all now
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  1. are you sure someone just told me this

    2.16 GHz / 667 fsb biggest core duo out.

    If yours indeed is a dual core 2.6ghz. It would be the Pentium® D 805 2.66 GHz / 533 MHz fsb
  2. I'm guessing this wasn't a big ticket item (<$1000)
    If that is true, it probably is an 805.
    The 805 is not a great chip, because it is very much bandwidth starved. They do OC well, so it is possible to partially correct the poor memory problem.
    Check in the bios, if the multiplier is 20, you have an 805.
    There is no Core Duo at 2.6GHz. Core Duo is not Pentium, they are different as their names, probably you got Pentium D.
  4. Note: HP, Fujitsu, etc can special order CPUs from Intel with non-standard specifications, the CPU in question might not be listed on the Intel website.

    Intel® Processor Identification Utility link:

    It will tell you what your CPU really is. :P

    You can also right click "My Computer, (which might be in the Start Menu, otherwise top left on the Desktop) and click Properties" at the bottom of the list, to see something like this:

    That should also show the correct and current speed for Intel processors, just like the Intel® Processor Identification Utility above.

    Note: Selling overclocked computers is illegal btw. As is misleading consumers into thinking they are going to have processor X, when they buying processor Y. ie: Not getting what they expected.

    If some people could bookmark them, in a folder, and spread the word it could benefit 1,000's of people.... ultimately anyway.
  5. Run the free program cpu-z on it, will identify processor core(s), version, revision, stepping, ram speed, timings, mainboard revision, bios version, etc....

    I'm not sure I had even heard of any Pentium D models clocked as low as 2.6G (there are 2.8 D models for sure), and Core Duo for the desktop may have been implemented by a few mainboard makers....
  6. Hopefully you got a deal on that system.
  7. i got the system for around 2,300 canadian but it came with a 19" LCD monitor, 1 gig DDR2 ram and Intel hyper-threading mainboard with a PCI Express slot, a DVD+/-RW at 16X, 250 gig samsung/western Digital hard drive. and then the Intel Pentium Duo 2.6ghz. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I'm 100% sure its a Pentium D 805. Ive read a lot of reviews on it and people seem to really like it if its overclocked. But i dont really have a clue how to even do that.
  8. Dell's BIOS virtually eliminates any chance for true overclocking through the BIOS, which is the best way to do it.

    However, there are third party utilities that can overclock your Dell nonetheless...
  9. my computer isnt a dell, I know dells, Gateways and HP's arnt able to overclock or just barly able.
  10. If you are happy with the performance for what you are using it for, why try to over clock. You are going to mess things up.
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