good program to use for overclocking 7800gs...

id like a program similar to ati tool, one thats fairly simple to use.. rivetuner, i spent a few minutes with and couldnt figure anything out...
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    its coolbits , its small and it works well

    its not a program its a reg tweak

    right click your desktop and go to settings and click your video card
    and go to clock frequency and push -auto overclocking-

    u might have to raise it down a little ( artifacts on gameplay )

    and there u go
  2. Riva Tuner 2 & CoolBits Are The Bests :twisted:
  3. holy, it overclocked high lol.... 482/1.41 on 7800gs... stock was 350 1.2 i think... does it test itself like ati tool does for artifacts or am i supposed to do that?... ok now im a bit worried though, after about 45 min of oblivion overclocked at those settings it says the gpu core is 46C... now i hear about peoples GPU's getting very warm, close to 80C and the cutoff on mine is 115C so im wondering, are these cards just very good at cooling or is the temp off? and if its not off should i push it further? also, whats a good program that monitors gpu temp, speedfan doesnt show mine... i just want to make sure its correct, if it is then w00t!
  4. CoolBits Serach For Maximum Safe Clocks as It Says 500/1200 For Mine ... But i Dont Risk That High ! I Suggest 400 or 425 Core Clock and 1250 or 1300 memory Clock For Your Graphic Card ... You Dont Like To Burn It , Do You ????
    CoolBits , it self has a GPU Temp Monitoring ... Dont Let Your Temp Reach 80 ... :twisted:
  5. that the thing, it isnt burning or even close to! its freezing for a video card, even after oblivion on highest i can run it... it stays under 45... i love this card :)
  6. just some question ons 7800 gs & oblivion...

    what chipset? 754 or 462?
    what processor?

    How well does it run oblivion, cause i'm interested in the game, but I remember how morrowwind ran. I am a bit iffy on whether or not I should pound down the doh to buy it

    I have a socket A barton 3200 w/ 7800 gs. runs hl2 nicely. Just want to get a feel for how it is going to handle my system
  7. ive got an amd3700 on socket 754, its clocked at 2.4 ghz stock with 1mb cache, currently im very pleased with the perforamnce, i duno what the settings is called but im guessing its "high" all the shadows are on visibility is on far and detail is high, outdoors it does get a bit choppy maybe running at 40fps, if u have a crt monitor or a 1024x768 res lcd id say get it and ull be able to run higher settings than me with better frames, if u use 1280x1024 ull probably get similar frames as me, a little less since the cpu... if u have 1gb of pc3200 id say go for it, it will run to ur liking. AMAZING game, cant stop playing it :P
  8. dont worry about the temps -over 60c is were u have to worry

    once u did the optimal overclock set it down a bit

    or your gameplay will look like Tron with all the colors
  9. it isnt messed up, at least in oblivion... im gonna do it one more time to see if it goes any higher, this card seems to love overclocking.
  10. oblivion runs at almost full settings with the 7800gs o/c'ed to 480/1400 on my machine (3ghz prescott @ 3.4ghz), temp wise im only seeing 45'c also at full load , damn sods brought out this card after i bought my one :(

    so if ya gonna go for an agp one go for this as its using the 7800gt chipset and has 20 pipelines! 8O
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