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In Win Xp Media Center I always ran my computer as the 'admin' because for some reason certain programs wouldn't run or install as a regular user. In my Windows 7 machine I'm wondering if it's normal or advisable to create a normal user account for myself and always use that or run as admin all the time?

Does Windows 7 have the same problem I experienced in XP, or was I doing something wrong in Xp anyways and should've used a regular user account?

Thank you.
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  1. Run can do 98% of every day tasks as a normal user and if you do not admin rights, just right-click and use the option to run-as-admin, or it may prompt you for admin details to run the app or action.
  2. I can't recall the last problem I had in Windows 7 running as a non-privileged user. "Run As Administrator" has taken care of everything I've needed.
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