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Got a new Sandybridge PC running Windows 7 with 60gb SSD boot drive. So far it's great...

HOWEVER, I still occasionally need to run XP as certain programs (for music making) only work properly on XP.

I have heard various horror stories on dual booting 7 and XP... the search I did here seemed to be mostly about during the beta period. Can someone provide a definitive tutorial (or thumbs down) on this possibility? Is it easy to accomplish?

One possible fly in the ointment... If this is doable, I will need to get a 120GB SSD to boot from as the 60 just won't be large enough for both. I assume I can use Acronis Home to image the 60. I already have an XP image from my old PC.

When I get a larger SSD, can I simply load the image from the 60 and then somehow load the old XP's image onto a second boot partition? Or will I need to reload the XP's programs/data from scratch. Or will I need to re-load programs/data for both the Win7 and XP boot partitions?


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  1. the chance that xp survives the transfer to a new computer are minimal.
    it shouldn't be a problem with windows 7 though.

    1) get your ssd if you're certain that you wont have enough space
    2) make 2 partitions (recommended: 80 w7, 40 xp)
    3) transfer w7
    4) install xp
    5) put in your w7 installation disc in your pc and repair the boot

    this should be it.

    HOWEVER: i'm a supporter of frequent formats, so if you want to put some work in it:
    1) get ssd
    2) get 2 partitions
    3) install xp
    4) install w7

    you're finished (and you're pc will be cleaner and probably run a bit faster and longer trouble-free)
  2. Are you suggesting installing XP -first- on new SSD?
  3. when you're planning on re-installing win7, yes

    the reason for this is that when you install xp as last, the boot wont recognize win7
    if you install win7 as last, the boot will recognize xp and win7.

    IF you install xp as last, you need to do the extra step of repairing your boot with your win7 dvd. So its not a big problem, but an extra step that needs to be done...
  4. You must notice the erection sequence of the OS edtition or you can't acheaive dual boot. You need first install XP then install Windows 7. If you first install Win7 then install XP, you could only boot from XP. Please notice this.
    You could also read more details information about http://www.partition-magic-windows7.com/res/dual-boot-windows7-xp.html
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