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If I get a 939 now will there be a huge difference from a AM2 and a 939?
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  1. If you want a system right here right now get a 939 otherwise wait for Conroe. AM2 will bring little performance increase and will cost somewhat more.
  2. ok thanxs, but more question will there be a huge increase of performance from a 939 and AM2?
  3. From what I gather, you'll only see an improvement if you use some of the faster varieties of DDR2, and even then not a huge one. Perhaps someone else here knows something more specific?
  4. Not to mention that AM2 is a long way off.
  5. As we know today the s939 is faster than or queal to sAM2. It depends on the type of DDR2 installed on the sAM2 system. There would be 2 variants of DDR2 supported on the K8 sAM2: 667MHz and 800MHz. The sAM2 with DDR2-667 is performing slower than s939 with DDR400, and the DDR2-800 one is almost equal. It is logical becouse K8 is not optimized for DDR2 as it is for DDR. There are no other improvements made on the K8 sAM2 processors. DDR2-800 at lower latenct is far more expencive than DDR-400. The right choice is s939.

    s939 DDR-400 vs sAM2 DDR2-667

    Athlon64-X2 4800 s939 DDR-400 vs Athlon64-X2 4800 sAM2 DDR2-800
  6. Quote:
    At start, there will be slight improvement due to higher bandwidth from DDR2. If you're gonna wait, wait for Intel Conroe.

    True, I'll wait 'til next year, depending on who's da man @ dat time, I'll look for a new rig

    939 r00l3z xD
  7. Impossible to say without having an actual AM2 to test. If you want or need a new rig now, do it.
  8. For long term upgread ablity get a AM2. If you are planing to build a Rox solid system that will last get a 939. If you build it well enought odds are the only thing you will upgread is a video card by the time the next socket comes out.
  9. need to wait more to tell who will be faster, cheaper...

    conroe seems to be good at heavy, dual-core intensive... every game had to be tested with dual monitors at maximum quality levels...
    what i think is that the cpu will NOT be faster if running something easy to run. that's what i personally wait to see...

    for am2 socket, is was to be an easy shift to allow more change later...
    more cache WILL affect performance
    more bandwith on k8 architecture won't get more performance per clock BUT it will be easier to overclock.
    virtualization is a key feature to performance
    ... 65mn process will decrease power and make the chips run cooler allowing to increase the maximum clock...

    so... no amd won't beat the conroe with an fx-62 but the availability to go at even higher clocks should be good...

    must see
  10. Quote:
    For long term upgread ablity get a AM2.

    What to upgrade? and When?
    need to wait more to tell who will be faster, cheaper...

    Why to wait? Visit any online PC hardware shop and compare....Good DDR2-800 that will perform 3% better on the AM2 than the s939 with DDR-400 costst about $250-$350 for 1GB. 1GB of DDR-400 CL2 costs less
    than $100.
    You have to be very rich, a big fanoby of AMD and stupid of course if you plan to build sAM2 with the best parts for the system.
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