Internet Control or Censorship?

Is this setting stage for implemnentation of censorship on internet? Is this possible?
The Print and TV media is already censored big time and in control in the hands of a few big corporates, who decide what to show and what not.
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  1. Big brother here ...

    After careful scrutiny we have decided to permit your discussion but if things get out of hand there will be whippings and public executions.

    P.S. Your food rations have been decreased by 20% for the next month and your internet slowed down to 64K until your behaviour improves.

    Please watch the hypnotoad that will shortly appear on your TV, monitor, i-thingy and android fleshlight in a few moments ...

  2. Im not sure why the UN would even be concerned with protecting copyrights, dont they a genocides and revolutions to monitor? Who cares if some kid is breaking copyright laws in his moms basement.

    Ignorance is Freedom.

    But on a side note its really cool that a computer can pass a packet while looking inside it and piece it all back together.
  3. **** ** **** ***** *** ****. ** *** ****** * **** ** ****. No such thing as internet censorship!1!! ** ** **** ******* ********** ** * ***** ***!
  4. I only pass on packets of dissused data early in the morning after a good coffee ... there is no scrutiny as I rarely look down.
  5. [Devils Advocate]

    How should we filter out illegal and profane images on the internet? Just hire groups of people to search out the content and bring it down? Force other countries to comply with our decency laws and block non-conforming countries? Should the government be in charge of content monitoring? States? A third party organization?

    Or just have it be some sort of badlands out there where anything goes?

    [/Devils Advocate]
  6. What constitutes illegal and profane? What I think is fine is offensive to other people.

    How do you regulate something that doesn't have political lines?
  7. riser said:
    What constitutes illegal and profane? What I think is fine is offensive to other people.

    How do you regulate something that doesn't have political lines?

    Im just throwing ideas out, hence the Devils Advocate tag.

    I think we have all been on the internet enough to think up a few ideas of abuse or images that would land people in jail in any industrialized country, or even dark net sites that deal in botnet and exploit trades. Im not even talking about posting images or videos of muhammed, free speech is absolute.

    As far as Im concerned the current copyright laws can go f*ck themselves, that system is broken.
  8. I agree. I was thinking about the picture of Mohamed.. to me, it was just a picture, not offensive, not really overly funny. But to others it was.

    One will not have to look far to find someone offended by something. In that case I would say "STFU, we're all adults, if you don't like it, don't use it."

  9. Think about it. We are in the age of information, thanks to internet. Before this, how many of us were aware of all the problems and issues that are out there? We had to rely on a corporate controlled media industry for information, or be *fortunate* enough to be among some informed intellectuals. Internet has changed this.
    Those controlling our economy in the past through a manipulated economic system are now suddenly waking up to a world of more informed people. Internet is hurting them and bad, and if it continues then the economic policies that have been created will change and the money - power structure will change. (This is exactly why Jilian assange is being hunted. For showing the world the facts!!). Internet control is an absolute necessity for these crooks to thrive. Question is, if it's possible to achieve? and how to achieve it?
    Our *ignorance* is what they thrive upon and allows them to continue to fleece most of the planet. Most of the economic problems in the world are directly related to World bank, IMF & WTO dictating their policies (Mostly onto third world nations). This is further enhanced by banks, controlling major part of the money supply (preventing government from creating it or from functioning), hence deciding where the money can be allocated and how it can be used.
  10. It all depends, was it a movie, or was it terrorists? as one example.
  11. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    It all depends, was it a movie, or was it terrorists? as one example.

  12. If you control the talking points, access to facts etc, the media et al, then things which are known as fact at the time, as in my example, are overlooked, internet or not.
    My reference is to Obama admin and Libya, and the embassy there.

    We were kept in the dark, for whatever reasons, so it helps, and the internet should be open and free, but is not the perfect tool
  13. Large part of the foreign policy is again dictated by a financial class. So their incentive is in our ignorance or us being mis-informed however it may be.

    Check my other post, its all about the financial class.
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