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How to remove 3 partitions from external hard drive

Hi. I have this old IDE 40G hard drive with 3 partitions on it (Since I used it from my old PC). Now, I got this external enclosure that I got from a friend and used it. Since it has 3 partitions, I want to Format the whole external drive with no more partition. How will I do it? Im using Windows 7. Thanks.
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    go to disk manager and delete the partitions, then you have only unused space.
    with that space you make a new volume. when you make a new volume it gets formatted

    (to go to disk manager: right click on computer => manage (i think, my pc is in another language) => disk manager)
  2. In dell systems where you have three partition made when the system was shipped. Drives are :
    C:/ of the max. size (eg 254gb out of 300gb hard disk)
    D:/ ( 9.1gb recovery drive)
    e:/ (100mb)

    so how can we go ahead and extend the partition as windows 7 not allowing us to create more than 3 drives so if you have any other way out w/o deleting these two drives as they r necessary for the system and formatting the system. So please let me know other way out to resolve this issue.
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