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Hi, Ive been using an HP Pavilion ze4400 laptop for the last couple years and for the past few months Ive had a recurring problem where blazing red pixels will show up in certain parts of images and video. They seem to concentrate around areas of shadowing but apear in other places as well. These are not dead pixels, I have even run dead pixel test programs to make sure but the fact that they move tells me as much anyway. The red pixels do go away if I leave the system alone long enough but I want to get rid of them for good. I can only guess at this point that it is an issue with the graphics card but I am unsure of what exactly the reason is or how to correct it (if its even possible). The graphics card in my laptop is the "Radeon IGP 320m", I thought of upgrading the drivers (though I didnt really expect it to do much) but HP seems to have altered the card in such a way that it no longer responds to radeon's catalyst update utility. Ive run out of Ideas at this point so please give me any help you can.

Thanks in advance. ^^
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  1. my laptop has the same problem. A friend of mine who is familiar with computer hardware told me that it's because the video cable is worn down from being pinched in the hinge between the screen and the keyboard. He said it can be fixed by replacing the video cable. I still haven't gotten a replacement but sometimes opening and closing the laptop a few times makes it go away for me. I'm not completely sure about this so I'd confirm with someone at a computer repair place or something before forking over the cash for a new cable.

    ^_^ hope that helped.
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