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If I use any drivers for my 9800pro (ATI or Omega) other than really old ones I get constant crashes caused by ‘ati2dvag.dll’. I’ve been looking for a solution to this for about a year now without any success, and the old drivers just aren’t cutting it with new games, so if anyone knows of a solution for this problem I would really appreciate them letting me know.
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  1. Try using catalyst uninstaller from the Ati web site.

    Then try installing the latest motherboard drivers, then reinstall the graphics drivers. If you have not already tried this.

    Does it give any info before it crashes.
  2. If you are trying to use the newest drivers from ATI, you first have to make sure you have netframework 1.1 installed. There should be a link at ATI's website for it. If not, go to microsoft update.
  3. Here is a very good uninstall utility, to help rule out files clutter left behind causing conflicts...
  4. I’ve installed and reinstalled all the different versions of the Catalyst and Omega drivers (using Driver Cleaner Pro every time) and I’ve even completely formatted and reinstalled windows XP a few times as well, and I always use the latest version of .net when I try the catalyst drivers. Upgrading my GART driver let me use slightly more recent drivers but not by much.
    The error message is either a blue screen saying that the error has been caused by ati2dvag.dll, or the desktop reverts to minimum resolution and colour depth with a dialog box saying that ati2dvag.dll has stopped responding and I need to restart the system.
  5. What is the rest of the system's specs, i.e., cpu, mainboard, mem, PSU?
  6. try uninstall the CCC based drivers & go & get the older 5.11 control panel drivers... that might help...
  7. This happened to me an the R9600P, first update your MoBo bios and chipset drivers. Then if that doesn't work, disable your Fastwrites in both the Catalyst drivers and BIOS.

    Otherwise it's gonna take some good long troubleshooting.
  8. I'm not sure about that exact error since I'm at work. But I still get crashes all the time with my old 9800 AIW. I actually sent the error report to Microsoft one time and it brought up a knowledge base article saying that it is caused by the ati driver itself. ATI knows about the issue although nothing has been done about it to my knowledge.

    To me, it never happened enough for me to really worry about it that much. Though when I upgraded recently it was a factor in my decision to switch back to NVidia. Hope this helps.
  9. I had the SAME problem as you, with a 9250, what I did was:

    1) Uninstall EVERYTHING related to Ati
    2) Reinstall from the vidcard cd
    3) Update to 4.12 from a downloaded installer

    I did that IN THAT EXACT SAME ORDER and the problem dissapeared, if I installed directly the 4.12, the system would crash

    Last week I had that problem (again) trying to update to latest, I downloaded the drivers from ati, installed and hell!!!!! it was the worst 30 min of my life, constant crashes every 5 or so minutes...horrible

    I uninstalled all of that (again) followed the previous sequence (again) but this time I downloaded the powercolor drivers (powercolor ati radeon 9250 : p)
    Anyways....that worked, hope it works for you too
  10. sadly, I got that one from a friend's CD, so, here's the filename atidriverswxp-w2k-catalyst-8-082-041130a-019577c.exe

    You can get some drivers from powercolor's site
    but I don't think that they'll work if your vidcard is not theirs : p

    Try to get the 4.12 catalyst that's the one I used
  11. try using this microsoft .net framework 2.0 click here

    i was having these very same issues with my x850 pro AGP card. try shutting down all 3 programs called CLI.exe running in your task manager. if you can play online games without these running, then that means theres something wrong with the communication for the catalyst. which in hense means that by updating to a newer and later framework version should in theory fix your problem. it worked for me.
  12. interesting suggestion, but I'm fine for now, apparently the one-thousand-step guide worked well for me, and I assume it worked well for our original poster friend, cuz he never came back to say it didn't work
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