Windows partition problem

i recently installed windows 7.. there is c: , d: drive in it ( with ubuntu installed in e: drive)..
d: drive is of 22 GB i want it to be partitIoned into 15GB and 7GB.
i tried partitioning it, there is a error telling "TOO MANY PARTITIONS"..

is there anyway i can still partition d: drive ???????
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  1. It gave you that error because there is a maximum of "Primary" partitions. What you need to do is make an "Extended" partition and then divide that up into as many "logical drives" as you want.

    Keep in mind, logical drives within an extended partition are NOT bootable.

    Also rethink your strategy. Do you really need this many drives?
  2. Slight correction. Linux will boot from a logical drive in an extended partition.
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