ASUS 6800 installation probs.just upgraded from FX5900ULTRA.I have 1G ram,an msi 875P neofisr mobo.when i try to install it doesnt seem to recognise the new card and tells me that i dont have software which is compatible.
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  1. download the new drivers from nvidia, than go to device manager choose display adapter, driver, update driver, choose standard vga adapter. reboot.
    Once done reboot.

    do the same thing again and choose this time I want to choose the driver to install, choose brouse, folder the drivers are extracted,, should work now.
  2. Like stated earlier, download latest video drivers from nvidia website.

    Suggestion: Fully remove old drivers!

    Use Add/Remove programs in control panel. Search for nvidia in list. Click change/remove. Then "remove only the following" > "nvidia display driver" reboot.

    This really sets you up for the new install of that 6800 chipset.
    Important: Ignore and cancel installation of any generic nvidia or old driver tha XP tries to reinstall. Find downloaded nvidia driver and run setup. Reboot again. Set desktop display settings 1280X1024 for 17" LCD or 1024 X 768 for 17" CRT, etc. Set refresh for 60 Hertz for LCD and 75 Hertz or more for CRT. Reboot again.

    Right click on desktop highlighting Properties and verify settings.

    Note: for LCD, if settings are good, size and refresh, then click "Auto Adjust" on your display panel to sync the new signal coming from the newer video card. (It's sort of like tracking on the old VCR) It will clear up the picture when matched up.

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