eVGA 7900 gt problems in Dell8400.PSU has these ratinGS

12V@18A +12V@18A .i have ran a XFX7800GTOC in this computer and it had the same min requirements so shouldn't this card work?My x800 runs fine but all I get is a blank screen and my monitor is in power saving mode when I try the 7900. I ran driver cleaner to remove all ATI software, seated the card and connected the PCI-E ADAPTER power,hook up the DVI cable and I get nothing. Maybe I should just eat a re-stock fee and try BFG. I really wanted to try eVGA but it doesn't seem like it is going to work. They keep blaming the psu but there are people who have upgraded to 550w thermaltakes and it still won't run. If were a psu problem I would upgrade but why would my psu have powered up the 7800 with the same min specs?
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  1. not enough amps on the 12 volt rail, I say no lessor than 32amps
  2. Dell power supplies cannot be swapped out for another supply that we would use in our homebuilts, the pin out to the motherboard connector is pin out differently. In the last year I've easily repaired over 150 of those P'sOS. Guys buy these good video cards and they barely if at all run, they ask why, I say you have a "Smell", not built for what you'd like to do with it, can't change the BIOS, you can't put a good supply in it, and NO I won't swap out the internals, but I will put it in the middle of the street and put it out of our misery.
    You could probably change the pin out on a good supply to work on a Dell but I haven't looked into it much, that's really not something I want to get involved with doing at work.
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