Can't run some programs

Hello, I'm having some problems with my computer.

It was fine last week, but when I came back a few days ago, I noticed that some of my programs won't work.

First I noticed that Rainmeter says that it can't find any skins, even though I do have skins and they should work fine.
After that I noticed that Guitar Pro won't open tabs and throws an error message. The sounds won't work in GP either.
And then I noticed that Minecraft won't launch.

So I did a virus scan. Nothing came up. I tried running the programs as an admin, different compatibility and with my virus protection off.

I've tried reinstalling the programs too, but no dice.

Then I decided to get a new anti-virus program. Once I downloaded it and double clicked the setup.exe, it threw an error. I'm not sure what it is in english, since it's in finnish, but it's something to the sorts of "path can't be found". Just that line of text.

Though I did install a game earlier. It did throw some error, which I can't remember now, but it did install.

Windows 7 64 bit
ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
Intel Core i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93 GHz
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  1. Are these steam apps?
  2. No, they are not.
  3. Have you tried reinstalling said applications? by removing then and reinstalling.
  4. It's all good now. I tried making a new account on my computer to test. Turns out something screwed up the language on my computer. Like the letters Ä, Ö and Å turn into the yen symbol. Same with some other symbols, like /.

    Other than that, so far everything works.
    Thanks for the help, though.
  5. no worries
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