HELP!! Hard Disk problem

I got a 200 GB extrernal Hard Drive. And now one of the folder suddenly changes to a Unknown and i can't get access to it. And i got 60 GB things inside that folder....><

I have downloaded a few hard disk recovery programme~.
and successfully found the missing files (with NO Drives paths on it).
but the software said my files are not Deleted file and no need to recover it.

Any one can provide any other software or method to recall the file back? many thanks
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  1. how many hard drives are in your system, do u have a usb hard drive case, if you have more than one hard drive, you have more than one option, make the one you having problems with the secondary drive by changing the jumper on it, make you other drive the primary you may need to install the operating system on it., or place the drive you re having problem with in a usb case for hard drives and use it as a usb drive to recover the data you have on i.
  2. i got 2 hard-disk and mine is a USB one.

    My problem is..i didn't deleted the data or folder...
    it's like..
    normally i put my stuffs in e:everything folder...

    and now this "everything" folder suddenly become unknown file....
    and the other folder in the external are fine...

    but i can't find anything and click into the "everything" folder..
    in either windows or even some of the recovery program,

    I also downloaded "Directory Snoop 5.0"....and finally can find out those missing files...when i click said " xxx is not a deleted file"
    all of my missing file is missing the PATH such as "e:xxxxxx" and i don't know what to do right now.

    please help me with the problem. i would like to know any method add the path back to those files or any software can solve this problem.
  3. can you see the drive in dos
  4. hang in there.
  5. i can use the drive prefectly except the corrupted folder....
    and i don't know how can i get back those 60 GB data..
    they are not deleted...just hide due to the corrupt of the particular folder.

    the folder itself is corrupted...but everything in the folder is fine...
    but i don't know how to recall those data....
  6. Are you talking about the folder changing it's name in Windows Explorer, or are you browsing from DOS (in which case, what are you still doing on FAT32?!?!).

    If you can see the folder, you could try sharing it and then mapping it as a drive from another computer on your network? Just a thought, probably won't work though!

    Just out of curiosity for anyone who knows, can you access USB/FireWire HDDs from DOS??
  7. Wonder if you had a hard disk crash and the read/write head distroyed that sector, try freezeing the drive put it in a platstic bag for about 5 hours in freezer and come back and try to use it. if you can get that data then you are a lucky person and try to copy it someware else.
  8. This might also help, and they even have a freeware version...
  9. i dont see why you cant, try on one of my systems later.
  10. Try "Stellar Phenix NTFS & FAT Recovery" tool.It has saved me millions of times.
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