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I am planning to piece together a system now, perhaps long before when Windows Vista comes out, for I am too impatient to get a comp when vista comes out. One of my problem is, I don't know if I should just get a decent card such as 7800 or x1800 right now or get a crappier one so then I could upgrade when a DX10 card comes out. It's just that I don't want to spend too much money buying video cards (not two within a year at least). And I am wondering if a DX10 card will really be put into good use as soon as vista comes out? Or it can be waited. I am looking forward to your inputs, thx
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  1. DX9 cards and above will work fine with Vista... It will be the next gen of cards to get DX10 support.
    If you play current games and want high frame rates, you have no choice, a X1900 or 7900 are your choices, buy one for $400 now, and it will satify you for a couple years, then it will be time and better suited to upgrade to current hardware.
  2. Even when DX10 comes out it will take a while until game developers make a game for that api, so i guess if you stick with DX9 you'll be ok
  3. :?: Its possible with Vista going to 2 million users in 4+ weeks, that Direct X 10 may start being incorporated into hardware soon.I saw one very recently that could be upgraded when DirectX 10 software becomes available.Signed:PHYSICIAN THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK M.D.
  4. Ya I think I'll just stick with a decent DX9 card for now then. Hmm, thomasxstewart, what do exactly mean by "I saw one very recently that could be upgraded when DirectX 10 software becomes available." What is upgradable to DX10?
  5. My understanding is that DX10 support requires a hardware chip, and current cards do not have this chip. Rumor has it, the X1900's and maybe the 7900's too will get a revision and within a couple of months, they will support DX10, but only on the new cards, older X1900's will not support DX10.
    The only other way would be with some hodgepodge software emulation, which is never as good as hardware.

    But, then again, I do not claim expertise in this field.
  6. :D Yes, believe its DRM (digital rights management) chip. One extra note around DirectX 10 is HDMI,its only DRM enabled standard for HD, although HDMI may not be finalized, next month several cards 1300 & 1600 will have HDMI output, so at least TOP End displays will be supported (whats point of Top end card with no display?) & it makes sense DirectX10 will fit in very soon too. :lol: COWABUNGA.Signed:PHYSICIAN THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK M.D.
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