Bootup issue with Dell Inspiron Mini 1090

Laptop is Dell Inspiron Mini 1090 with Windows 7 Operating system on it.
The problem is that whenever I start my laptop The problem which I am currently having is that My laptop is not starting properly and giving me “BOOTMGR” missing message when ever I start my system. It starts with Dell Logo page and than this message appears "BOOTMGR is missing, Press Ctrl+Alt+Dell to restart". after that no activity.
Based on my conversation with the customer services, I ran Dell Diagnostic test, by holding the <Fn> key and then press the power button. The result of which were
o "1st stage after few test which were all pass, there was screen of visual test which was showing the colors which were fine so I pressed yes."
o "2nd Than after that another message came that "no problems have been found with this system so far. Do you want to run the remaining memory tests? This will take about 30 minutes or more. Do you want to continue (recommended)" So I pressed Yes. During this time every message gave pass results.
o "than for 3rd stage a message came "Booting diagnostic Utility partition. Press any key to continue" so I pressed it than below message come; 4th Loading DRMK V8.00… Pre-boot System Assessment build 4129
HIMEM.sys (8.11ry)
RAMdrive V(ersion 8.00-02Oct 2007" Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Dell Inc.
Virtual disk drive D: (32767 KB 512 bytes/sector, 1024 root entries)"
o I have attaced the pics last and 2nd last message with this email. You can review it.
After that I informed the customer service about this problem, and than I was told to go for PC restore by turning on the Computer by pressing “F8” Key on the first Dell logo. Keep on pressing the “F8” key on first Dell screen until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears on the screen. However I followed this it doesn’t make any difference and it goes to the same BootMgr missing error message instead of going to Advanced Boot Options, and also after sometime gives beep sound if I press F8 key many times. So further steps as were directed by customer service could not be performed. So the system is still having booting problem.
(How it happened, I was trying to partition it further so that I can save my data but I think the partitioning was not done properly after that this msg came. )
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  1. put windows 7 install disk in the drive, let it start up, select: upgrade. This re-loads the operating system without erasing your personal files.
    To get the disk to boot, you may have to open the bios and change the boot order, or hold down an F8 key on start up and select: boot from CD (varies according to model),
    on other computers it may be a different key
    that usually will get the OS back to a default state, and the thing will run again
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