do i need a new modem

hello, i recently built a system using windows xp and i used an off brand modem.Windows says it not supported by its sighning thingy but i installed the drivers for it anyway.when i try to connect to the internet the modem makes all the noises but makes them kind of off what they should sound like, and it doesnt connect,it just frezes on one of the i need to buy a new modem or what.i would appreciate any help
P.S.- i know modems suck but i cant aford dsl or anything better.

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  1. More than likely- spend a few dollars more and get a newer modem. Sounds like there is a compatability issue. If you want to stress trying to make that card work- try looking at the website to see if there is any updated drivers and loading those- or re-loading the original drivers you have.

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  2. i suppose it could be a compatibility problem, but most of the time if you can get to the screeching point it works fine. have you connected to the internet on that line before?

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  3. With old modems working under Windows 2000 / XP, you may also want to change the transmit / receive buffers to be lower. You'll find it under the modem properties somewhere - try setting it a third of the way up the bar (instead of full).

    This may help.
  4. Which Windows are you running, What modem is the one having trouble? If you have another computer or could get your hands on one, go download the lastest driver for the modem, see if it helps.
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