Help me choose a 19" LCD monitor for under $350

here are some choices that I have found: Will be used for gaming and general use photo/video editing.

Philips (190B6CB/00) 19" Silver LCD TFT Flat Panel. 8ms, 600:1

BenQ FP91G+ Black 19" 8ms LCD Monitor - Retail

Samsung (LS19GSESS) 19" 913V 12ms LCD Monitor Silver Analogue-600:1 Brightness-Zero Dot Pixel Policy

AOC 19" LCD LM928 Silver/White (Zero Bright Pixel Warranty)

AG Neovo (F-419 BLACK) 19" TFT LCD F-419 Black *Native SXGA Resolution (1280 x 1024) *0.294mm dot pitch *300 cd/m *700:1 contrast ratio *Ultra thin bezel *Analog & DVI input *3 year onsite warranty

Philips (190S6FB/75) 19" Black LCD TFT Flat Panel

Samsung (LS19GSESB) 19" 913V 12ms LCD Monitor Black Analogue-250cd/m2 Brightness-600:1 Contrast Ratio
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  1. I've been really happy with my Samsung SyncMaster 930b...

    Actually got a steal on it...
    Got it from OfficeMax for $300 w/ a free DVI cable.
    Not bad considering the cable alone usually runs 40-50 bucks and the monitor was going for $360 brand new.
  2. You could also check tigerdirect. They've usually got some 19" 8ms for $199. Good luck/
  3. I'm really happy with my ViewSonic VA902b. It's sharp and fast and was a little less than $350 CDN. Zero dead pixels and a three year warranty.
  4. UPDATE:

    I am trying to decided between these two:

    HYUNDAI L90D+ Silver 19" 8ms LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 700:1 Built in Speakers 0.294mm Pixel Pitch - Retail

    BenQ FP91G+ Black 19" 8ms LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 550:1 0.294mm Pixel Pitch - Retail

    any suggestions? or similar models that I should look at?
  5. hey this is my first post

    any way i have a samsung 730B 17inch 12ms, cant remeber the contrast ratio, but im more then happy with it. it was about $300 when i purchased it, it also seems kind of small now, dont get anything smaller then a 19inch. my friend has a 19inch viewsonic, and absolutely loves it. my best advice would go to best buy and look at them and see which one you like most, check the reviews see which is the best for 350. make sure you get a decent dvi cable, i ended up getting a cable that was to long, a 6ft cable should be long enough.
    also i had one bum pixel too.
    btw samsung has pretty good software for adjusting their monitors through windows.
  6. The various Dell 19" LCD monitors can be found for some pretty darn low prices at times, as I got a Dell E196FP for about $265 many months ago, and, despite it's VGA only input, it's quite nice/big/bright for the money, and I certainly cannot detect any ghosting during gaming, for which this monitor is used about 3 hours per day!
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