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I just got a new computer that I built: i5 2500k, MSIP67 G43, 8GB RAM, 2 6850s in CF, Corsair 750w PS. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

It was working fine yesterday but sometime this morning it started hanging up. Basically what happens is the username screen comes on, I click the user, then it makes the little chime. I can see the recycle bin, I can access the start menu but I can't do anything after that. My network connection icon in the task bar freezes for about 3-4 minutes. During that time I'm unable to open any program until it connects. After that, everything works fine.

All I've installed today was a windows update, an updated driver for my Networking card, and GWFL client. I was overclocking my CPU also, but since I'm troubleshooting this, I rolled it back to the default settings. I've uninstalled GFWL, and I've rolled back to the previous drivers and it still does this.

I went into MSCONFIG and disabled a few things on Startup such as Avast and Zone Alarm, but that didn't help.

I ran it in Safe Mode w/ Networking and everything worked fine. Where do I go from here?

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  1. Nevermind. I guess I fixed whatever it was. I did a system restore but that made it where it just stayed at a black screen after the login. Then I just hit F8 and reloaded last known successful boot(or whatever it was called).

    Still not sure if it was Windows update or what it was.
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