Is it my comp or my network?

Alright guys, I posted in the networking forum but havent gotten any replies so I'm coming here being is it might be my hardware causing my problem:

Alright guys, my girlfriend lives in these great upscale apartments, they offer free broadband (between DSL and cable speeds; shared bandwidth) which is great the problem is whoever set up the network had NO idea what they were doing.... They're running a 192 network set to MSHOME, it doesnt seem properly subnetted and only has one DNS (no secondary)...

I was running a copy of ubuntu here for awhile I never had a problem, it configured eth0 fine, DHCP went without a hitch. We upgraded her PC and put XP Home on there. Set it up, limited or no connectivity. Hmm ok try a few things (winsock fix and whatnot) still nothing. Try reloading the OS, still nothing, use different NIC's still nothing. Try a copy of XP pro, nothing. Load in every networking protocal, and all that, same thing. I finally went into the older unbuntu box and grab the network settings and configured windows to work alright, now the problem is every now and again the connection times out, I cant access specific sites including, its been like these on both windows and linux. I had zonealarm running, thought that might be the catalyst. So I went and turned that off, still having issues. Turned off windows default firewall, updated all drivers (BIOS and everything) tried IE 6, FireFox, Opera all have the same intermitten connection problems, and the problem accessing pages. FTP protocal wont work either...

So my question is: Is there anyway I can get a little extra bandwidth, or atleast actually get the DHCP working? I know they're on it (because they're just using comcast cable), OR SOMETHING? I'm kind of in a bind being as I cant ever check my email... Thanks you guys!

I've done some looking around, and I cant view almost every 2nd or 3rd webpage, I cant even view Tom's networking section unless I use something like "the cloak." I've been looking around on the network here and I cant seem to find anything releated to a router or an IP or secondary DNS or anything to finish configing windows.

Please help! :-( I cant check my emails or view most websites...
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  1. Here is some more info:

    List of sites I cant get to
    and so on....

    Sites I can get to

    It seems some sites wont load period, while others will untill they hit https/SSL. My IE settings are all low, (along with any other security settings) allowing SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, using 128-bit cipher, no firewall, no anything. Running windows basicly naked. STILL NO DICE

    This is driving me crazy!!!
  2. Can you load Google but not other sites ?

    If so try reducing the MTU to 1400 or so, in 8 byte chunks from whatever it is set to now.

    PING <IP> -f - may also be of use.
  3. Tabris, I went through MS's knowledge base and added all the keys needed to change MTU and all that, set it to 1400, still no go on some sties, and changed the recieve buffer size on my NIC to 8 bytes, nada...

    The thing is, the people who manage the apartments didnt set up the network, they contracted out. Something happened somewhere and now I dont believe they really have anyone managing it. None of the people really know too much about it. What I can gather is they have two DSL lines (quest comm.) and two leased t1 lines with some type of router and load balancing switch.

    It's to the point where I just want to find the router (not physically of course) and get into it (if things stay on this course, it'll probably be some POS from japan that no-one supports) so I can find an ALT. DNS (Which I believe might be the cause of some of my grief.) Because its damn apparant that the people working here haven't the slightist idea what a DNS is....

    Just a side note, Tabris, I cant even acess the site in your signature.
  4. Sounds like a DNS problem. Try opening the sites using their IP addresses.
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