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Hey, this may seem like a noob question but I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between the Front side bus speed of a CPU, and the FSB Speed of the Motherboard. I seen a question like this when i done a google search but it was on expert exchange, and I don't subscribe to them, so I couldn't view the answers. On my motherboard box it says 800MHZ FSB.. does this just mean it can handle a processor with a FSB speed of 800mhz? :?
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  1. You motherboard needs to be able to support the FSB speed the processor was designed for. Here is some more information about Front-Side-Bus:
  2. Your board says it can support an FSB of 800MHz. That means that the 800MHz P4s will work, as well as the 533MHz FSB ones most likely. You did not say if it's a Socket 478 or LGA775 board. No 400FSB chips were made for LGA775 so those boards won't have 400FSB support, but a Socket 478 board will probably support those too.

    You are asking this because you have (or want to get) a motherboard with 800MHZ FSB capability and have (or want to get) a chip with a 533 or 400FSB, correct? If it's a new CPU with a 533FSB such as a Prescott A, PD805, or a Celeron, go to the board maker's site and check compatibility. Same goes if you want to buy a new board for an old CPU. If it's an old CPU and an already-bought board, stick the chip in there and see if it goes.
  3. thank you both
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