SB Audigy2 ZS - Plug and Play?

I am just completing my first build with an ASUS A8N Preimum SLI board (with on-board sound). I also bought a Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS PCI card.

Do I have to disable the on-board sound in the bios? I'd like to know before I boot up. I can't boot up anyway until my graphics card arrives :)

Thanks in advance.

Current Set up:
AMD 4200+ dual core
2gig Cosair XMS (1g x2)
GeForce 7900 GT
Western Digital SATAII 250Gig HD
Antec Truepower II 550w power
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  1. You don't necessarily have to disable on board sound just to use your soundblaster card but, I would disable it regardless. The reason is, you should disable anything you don't plan to use in the BIOS or motherboard to free up more resources and help make the system run a little bit smoother.
  2. Agreed. My general rule of thumb is, if you arent using it, why leave it running? Though it might not be absolutely necessary, its recommended.
  3. Luminaris, EllisD420,
    Thanks for the speedy reply!

    I just found out my graphics card arrived. I can't wait to get home to complete the set up. It will be a nice upgrade from my P4 1.4ghz pc wiht/ 9600xt graphics :)
  4. Good luck to you, let us know how it goes...should be a pretty rockin rig !
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