Opty 175 Whats the Overclock range on them ???

Right could anyobe pos tell me what sort of overclock to expect of the chip as i have just got one today with the setup below

Opteron 175 ccbwe
Asus Sli premium mobo
Ocz PC4800
7800 GTX
XP 90

I currnently have a 146 cabye @ 3.0 but want dual core
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  1. As you probably know, each individual cpu is different. There are also other limitations (motherboard for example).

    However, you can check this link. I don't think it's been updated recently though.
  2. I have an Opteron 175 on an Asus A8R-MVP that I can not get over 2.7GHz stable using water cooling and relaxed timings.
    I soon will upgrade mobo to the A8R32-MVP in hopes of getting alitte further.
  3. There is no clear range. Some may OC higher other lower. Of course, the mobo counts a lot,but luck is another important factor.
    However most Opties will break the 2.5 ghz barier that is more than enough for a dual core CPU.
  4. How far can they generally be overclocked using stock cooling, assuming you have a case with excellent airflow?
  5. Stable you should be able to hit 2.5GHz, and if lucky, 2.6GHz...
  6. Thanks for the info chaps im currently at the 2.4 mark burning her in slowly will let you know of my out come by the weekend

  7. Well i managed to get into windows @ 2.845 for quick test to find max bootable clock

    but have only tested it to 2.7 as yet using super pi 32m and a 4 hour strech on CSS
    Indle temps are 35
    load temps are 45

    super pi 32 at 29.26s
  8. Yes, mine went up close to 2850 using an auto overclocking utility, but I could not hit that speed when setting it in BIOS, and around 2.6GHz was the top semi stable speed I reached.
  9. yeah max setting in the bios is 258 @ muti of 11 2.835 effective and this is on the Asus A8N-Sli premium mobo the only drawback with this board is its max cpv volts is 1.55 on bios
    where as in ai booster i can get 1.6 but have'nt needed to go beyond 1.48.75 ive found it to rock at 2.750 running all my benchtests so i think i keep it at that for now

    getting a nice boost over the single opty 146 cabye 540

    just to let you know this opty is the 175 ccbwe 0601

    due to the late week i was'nt expecting such a reasonable clock

    anyways happy days :D
  10. right on, that is always nice!
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