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Hello, I have a 2 year old Alienware box, which currently has a motherboard which has only AGP slots.

I am looking to upgrade my graphics card for more up to date things, such as oblivion, etc.

My question is this, is there a way for me to buy a PCI-E motherboard, and simply replace my current intel CPU into the new motherboard...

or are the actual CPU's "one shot" deals?

also, are there any other complications to think about?

I am just wanting to pick up a nice mid level PCI-E gfx card for a couple hundred bucks or so, and if there are going to be issues i dont forsee, ill start looking at other options now,

thanks for the advice!!
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  1. what's you current CPU? if it's a socket 478 there are some socket 478 mobo with PCI e slot but are very rare. Most likely, if you buy a new mobo you will also need to buy a new processor.
  2. Ahhh ok, thank you very much

    how much aprox would it run (assuming i went to a good site with reasonable prices) to get one of those nice Nforce (or whatever they are called) motherboards.... and a AMD 64 (or whatever is recommended) CPU at 3ghz or better?
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