Can 1 GFX card Run On a SLi MB?

Hi Guys, just wanna know if you would be able to run one GFX card on a A8N32SLI MB, because at the time I could only afford 1 GFX card. So I went for the cheap option (not knowing the answer) I just went for the vanila flavor A8N-E with 1 GFX.
Love to hear from yous!!! :wink:
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  1. yeah shure it will run

    u just need to change it to sli in bios " if " your running two GFX cards

  2. Stick with the motherboard you have now and buy a decent top end card.
    A 7900GT or X1900XT will make a big difference to game play in your current setup. :D
    And yes you can run one card in SLI, but will see no advantage over your current motherboard.
    Save your money for a better card. :wink:
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