FX-55 Running at 1.2 Ghz?????

I'm running an A8N-SLi Deluxe, 2 6800 ultras with 84.xx drivers and 2 gig ram.

Now, MBM (which does not directly support my MB) and the windows "System" menu show that my processor is running at 1.2 ghz. Is there a program that anybody knows that is able to change my clock speed? As far as i can tell the bios has not changed so I cant think of a reason it would be diffrent. I dont know if this is related, but I had taken out the processor, about 2 weeks ago (twice actully, dont ask,) both times I cleaned it with Arctic Silver cleaner, and applyed a new coat of AC 5. This only started this weekend, and the first i noticed it was after I had been online, but before that i was Playing Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, and it locked and restarted by its self. I went online to send the error report and got caught up looking at pc parts when i noticed the CPU clock on MBM was reporting 1.2 ghz.

I guess it would be important to say that I am sure it is underclocked, not just being reported that way. To check i ran 3D mark 05 and recieved a 3900 score when i usually get a 9000-10000.

Anybody know whats going on?
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  1. Something wrong with Cool and Quiet on your PC.
  2. Your FSB is wrong probably set at 100. Should be 2600 200 X 13. Check the BIOS
  3. I uninstalled the processor driver and it seems to be working ok for the moment, i will try reinstalling the driver tomorrow, and see what happends then, Thanks for all the help.
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