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Ok I have been looking around at many different sites shopping for a cpu to fit my AOpen i915GMm-HFS and I find that alot of the pentium m's out are socket 478 and I have read posts in multiple forums contradicting one another by one saying that a 478 is interchangeable with a 479 and another forum has a post saying the exact opposite. So I come to the know-it-alls of THG because this is the best site for information on this type of stuff and I need to find out if a socket 478 would be ok for me to purchase or not. Thanks in advance for any help you guys give.
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    99.9% of Pentium-M are S479
    S478 P-M are rare.
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    sterile spirts?
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    Here is a 479 to 478 adaptor that Asus makes for some of there boards.

    An review from THG, hope something helps you.

    EDIT. Sorry, only useless info here then.
  5. This is like the worst site for this kind of info.

    Yonah has 478 pins, Dothan has 479 pins, Yonah ULV/SMP is socket 480.

    All existing socket 479 boards are for the Dothan CPU and this is not pin compatable with Yonah even though it fits in the same socket. It will not harm the cpu to try it but it will not fire up.

    There are a few socket 479 boards entering the market that support 478 pin Yonah. They do not work with 479 pin Dothan.

    Intel Calistoga (Napa) supports only Yonah and Merom, 955XM/945PM/945GM

    Wusy doesnt know anything about Intel M processors.
    Socket 478 Pentium M chips are not rare at all.

    In this transition, some people are confused on what chip works on what socket.
  6. well fugger i tried looking up just dothan cpus but all of the ones i find say they are socket 478, i was under the impression that dothan just meant that the fsb was 533mhz and had nothing to do with the number of pins, but im pretty noobish when it comes to intel processors, but at least i know that i must get a socket 479 now and i wont even bother looking at a 478, thx for the help
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    You work for Intel. How the hell I'm suppose to know that? :roll:

    What you don't know EVERYTHING? lol j/k :P
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    I call this type of posting 'pulling a Crashman'

    LOL. So true...
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