Hyundai Electronics PC 3200 memory

My system (compaq ) has two 512mb memory chips, anyone heard of H/E memory?
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  1. They go under the name 'Hynix' now. Still making laptop 'SODIMMs' too.

    It is very nice stuff.

    Like all RAM companies they do/did anti-competetive things, but Hynix RAM is quite nice stuff.

    Some 'overclocker' companies just buy it and resell it under their own label.

    You are wise to go straight to, one of the better, sources for memory. :wink:

    In fact I have 2 x 256 MB from a Compaq Presario V2400, Looking to sell locally. Machine was upgraded to 2 x 512 MB (as laptops only have 2 DIMM slots usually).
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