power faliure please help

my computer has only done this once but it was quite worrying.
i was playing wow and all of a sudden my screen went to standby and my speakers starting making this horrible noise but it looked as if my tower was still on and working fine as all the fans were still spinning and all the lights where on. I pressed reset but the speakers no longer worked. I reset again and then they worked. do you know what might have happend? i was connected through an extention lead that has surge protection.

am i running to much of my hiper type r 580watt psu

asus a8nsli deluxe mb with athlon 3700 and corsair 1 gig ram
7800gt graphics card
x-fi fatal1ty sound card
WD 250gig sata
NEC dvd burner
2x 12" UV lights
thermaltake armor case
i think thats the lot is this to much for my psu?
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  1. Nah that PSU should be good enough for all of that and more. Not sure why it happened though :S
  2. i have a hiper uk myself and it works smooth......must have been something with that game :wink:
  3. Could be a lot of different issues. Most likely culprit is drivers. Are you getting any graphics artifacts? Make sure you have the most recent patches for the game and update your drivers. Other likely possibilities:
    1. System overheating
    2. Memory conflict
    3. PSU not supplying stable voltage
    Run Memtest86 on your memory and log your temps/voltages while playing or running a stress test on the rig. Disable auto reboot in Windows. If you have any more lockups, then Google any BSOD errors and post your results.
  4. Creative cards have been known in past to cause such problems.
    Since I went dual-core I had to take the Audigy 2 ZS out of the system because it was giving me machine check exceptions. Bear in mind that soundcards don't like overclocking especially if you don't lock PCI bus frequency to 33MHz.
  5. heres an update on the situation
    the speakers squeel happened again while playing wow last night again but this time it did not put my monitor on standby. The squeeling lasted about 30 seconds so i just turned my speakers of and carried on playing about 30 seconds later i turned them back on and there was no sound what so ever. kept on playing for a minute then the game freezed forcing me to reset. once reset speaker and sound card apeared to be working fine again.

    i probably should have mentioned this but i only installed the x-fi fatal1ty 3 days ago.

    at the moment i am blaming the problem on wow but i am not sure if this is a fair judgment as thats all i seem to be playing on.

    i have installed the latest drivers for the sound card and will post a reply if i have the problem again.

    my cpu temps have been max of 40 degrees C and my case temp has been a max of 39 degrees C but as far as i know i am not in the danger zones with these temps.

    do you think updating the bios on my mb would help?
    would leaving norton internet security running in the background course these problems?
  6. Hi I saw your post on the other forum too. Creative cards have a history of not playing nice with certain sets of hardware. In my case, a SBLive w/ BX chipset P2 class system, there never was resolution to the issue. Believe me when I tell you that I am very stubborn when it comes to money and I tried everything I could think of for 2 years before giving up.

    My recomendation for troubleshooting this as follows

    1. Reinstall latest drivers. No joy goto 2.
    2. Try a different PCI slot. No joy goto1 and repeat until all PCI slots have been tried.
    3. Reinstall card to best guess PCI slot from above testing and reinstall OS. Noy joy goto 4.
    4. Huck X-Fi or MB in garbage replace with different model and try again.

    And yeah I'm serious. Sad but true.
  7. before you start taking stuff apart - check for conflicts.

    goto start -> control panel -> administrative tools -> computer management.
    pick device manager. right click & pick view -> resources by type.
    look under IRQ and see if your soundcard is sharing with something.
    if so - consult your motherboard manual and find a NON-shared PCI slot. Move the soundcard and try things again.

    if there are no conflicts.. try what knewton above reccomended.
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