Tyan Tiger (K8WE) S2877ANRF RAID0 Fault

Can anyone please help...

I have several Tyan S2877ANRF Motherboards with Dual Opteron 275 CPUs, 4Gb RAM (2sticks per CPU), ATI FireGL V7100 (Also tried with V7300 ES Card) and 2x WD Raptors (Tried 74 and 150Gb ones) In RAID0 Array...

Right the problem is that when you install XP Pro X64 Edition with the Disks configured in RAID0 the installation will be fine until the final reboot before getting to the operating system... It shows the XP x64 Flash screen then the machine reboots... And continues to go in a constant loop, getting to the menu screen (Where to choose Last known good, Safe mode etc) Then goes past that and reboots...

But when the machine is configured and non RAID (Just a single or both disks) It installs fine...

I have also had the same problem with the 32Bit Version but managed to get it to work with a specific driver but other drivers do the same rebooting...

Any help would be appreciated... :)
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  1. Easy solution:
    Dont boot from a RAID array 8)

    search ebay & get yourself small, fast IDE or sata drive to boot from.
  2. That was useful... Err NOT... LOL ;)

    Right... I managed to sort the problem in a roundabout way... Created a Unattended Install disk with nLite and forced integration of the Nvidia RAID drivers...

    Just recieved the 1.04 bios from Tyan... Which is supposed to sort the problem... But now the machine fails to shutdown... :x
  3. Quote:

    Just recieved the 1.04 bios from Tyan... Which is supposed to sort the problem... But now the machine fails to shutdown... :x

    someone who could give a link to the mentioned bios or send it via email?



    best regards
  4. If anyone wants this bios please email me: pmacfarlane@hotmail.com

    It is a beta bios i recieved from Tyan and i take no responsibility for its use.

    This board is still majorly flakey... Cant get stble test results in GFX Benchmarks. Its all over the place in specviewperf some results can be over 5-10 points out on the last score.

    Something else i noticed that made me laugh. In BIOS 1.03 the VRM temps were showing 125oC constantly so what did they do to rectify it? They just removed it from displaying in the BIOS.

    After a full reinstall they seem to work ok with the RAID array.

    Sooo... It looks like we are stripping these boards out and using the Supermicro ones. But got to also replace the chassis with e-ATX Version of the Lian-Li.
  5. got a bios 1.04 with NVRAID 5.50 - it seems this sorted out all problems.
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