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LAN Party in Buffalo NY

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October 7, 2002 6:21:42 PM

I couldn't get one finalized for Monday October 14th. It was just too fast to get one together.

The best solution is to have everyone go to the[/url" target="_blank"> party on November 2nd. It cost $15.00 if you prepay and $20.00 at the door. This is a bigger party. I have been to ones that have had under 50 people and the largest is over 100.

There are prizes, contests, and food.

It is just the easiest way to get people together, have enough space, and make it worthwhile for all.

So for all of you in the Buffalo/Niagara region of NY and Ontario Canada, this is your call to meet at the party.

Right now there are 28 signed up.

Once we get to meet each other we can have mini-LANs throughout the year.

I will try my best to attend. My wife and I are having a baby around the 9th of November so it could make it difficult to attend if the baby is early. Only God knows for sure.

I hope to see you all there...

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October 11, 2002 3:51:49 AM

I'll try to go. My wife and I are expecting our baby on the 15th. I've decided to name him Max Payne (not really). Midterms are also around that time as well. I'll let you know if I firm up....

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October 11, 2002 1:58:55 PM

Grub... There has been a change of dates... I met with Todd of Fragnation last night and we will be changing the date to the 30th of November. This will suit me better and most likely you as well. Go to the "Others" section to see the thread there. It has all of the updates so far.

<A HREF="" target="_new">WWW.Fragnation.Com&lt;/A>

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November 18, 2002 11:01:52 PM

YOu probably have this info somewhere. (so sorry for probably making you repeat yourself) WHat game are you planning on having in Buffalo? Are there going to be any in the Philly area? Thanks for your time. Good luck at the party. Take care.

Hang in there. It can only get better!
November 19, 2002 10:17:01 PM

Thank you.. Take care.

Hang in there. It can only get better!
November 19, 2002 10:23:11 PM

I cant get on the web site... It keeps saying access denied. Darn. :(  Thanks anyway.

Hang in there. It can only get better!