Windows 7 Build 6956 Leaked!!

Hey all,

So as the title says, Windows 7 Build 6956 has been leaked... And I can say from experience it is even more stable then build 6801 and includes a few new features such as the new Boot Screen, Aero Peek, and the new Show Desktop Feature among a few other less notable changes.

It's good to see that MS might finally be building an OS right from the start.. we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out between this and the final build. But if they keep this trend up I'd say they've got a winner on their hands this time. ;)

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  1. a beautiful OS it is, aesthetically. lets just hope it has the functionality, reliability, and stability to back it up.

  2. Can't wait!
  3. How many times the different betas will leak?
  4. First of all, they're not betas.

    Second, there will be a leak for every new build released.
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