What do u see in this picture besides the face?

i am doing psychology paper and i cannot see the other image within this one. theres supposedly something else other than the mans face
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  1. hmm, I'm not sure what I am supposed to see, but I see several smaller faces in the "hair".

    Most look like side shots.
  2. I see 3 people talking or working under some vines.

    The hair looks like leaves, that's easy, but the people are very gard too see, the first's one head is in the left eye of the face, the second one's head is in the face's chin and the third one's head is under the face's right eye, but it's very dark.

    I hope I'm not crazy...
  3. I see boobs.
  4. I see monkey faces with big ears.. LOL...
  5. A caricature of Albert Einstein, coifed for Woodstock.
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  7. Hi, I am not understand what you are say....
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  8. I see.... dead people.....
    ha ha
  9. i think i see more faces in the one face and like the first one said the hair looks like leaves and there are faces in the hair (leaves)

    hope i helped xxx
  10. a guy and a girl kissing each other
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