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I currenlty have a Sony FX215 which is not a bad labtop but I am gonna be selling is soon and upgrading. I play games allot (and try to do some work :-) and most of the game require a good graphics card. Just wondering what you guys would recommend.
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  1. well i've heard good about the radeon 7500, but i've also heard of geforce4's going mobile..but if ure into gaming why not just get a monster desktop pc? you can get something better for the price ya pay for a laptop. I myself have a laptop (i'm on it right now) but for gaming i always consider a desktop over a laptop

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  2. Well, Dell offers the ATI 7500 mobility Radeon with 64 megabytes of RAM as an option in it's 8100. It seems to be the best you can buy at this moment in a laptop. Toshiba sells a satellite 5005 S507 with a Geforce 4 go. It only has 32 megs in the Toshiba though when it can support 64 just like the 7500 Radeon. The toshiba satellite has a desktop PIII CPU as well which means less batery life than the dell Laptop.

    Right now the best option you have for a mobile graphics chip is the ATI 7500 mobility Radeon in the Dell (imho). If you can wait there is sure to be someone who offers the 64 megabyte Geforce 4 go coupled with a mobile Pentium III or maybe mobile an Athlon XP and you'll have a better choice.
  3. The First Benchmark of the Toshiba Satellite 5000 woth the GeForce 4 GO! has been released:

    It's all in french (trustworthy? ;-) ) but the scores are as follows:

    Inpiron 8100 GeForce 2 GO (PIII-M 1133MHz) 2003
    Toshiba Satellite GeForce 4 GO (PIII 1066MHz) 3612
    Inpiron 8100 ATi MR 7500 (PIII-M 1133MHz) 3905

    Here are results comparing the GF2Go, GF4Go and M7 respectively:

    Game 1 Low 36.5 - 69.4 - 61.8
    High 17.1 - 21.4 - 24.7
    Game 2 Low 28.0 - 64.9 - 69.5
    High 10.5 - 31.0 - 32.6
    Game 3 Low 38.0 - 65.0 - 74.8
    High 21.3 - 34.9 - 28.6
    Fill Rate Single texture 183 - 429 - 350
    Fill Rate Multi texture 286 - 452 - 963
    High polygon count 1 light 10.5 - 19.8 - 11.3
    High polygon count 8 lights 2.1 - 5.3 - 2.6
    Environment Mapped Bump Mapping NOT SUPPORTED

    TOTAL 3DMARK: 2003 - 3612 - 3905
    I'm sure that IF dell DO bring out the GF4Go, it will perform better, but i will still be satisfied if i get a ATi M7 64MB.


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  4. Thanks for all the helpfull information guys. I already have a good desktop gaming system and I use my laptop at school and some of the time I am very bored at would like to abiltity to play some games.
  5. The Geforce 4 go in the Toshiba Satellite is hobbled by 32 megs less of memory and a 64 bit interface when it can support a 128 bit interface. It still comes within 300 points of the ATI 7500 in the 3D mark scores. I'm pretty sure the Dell inspiron has an ATI 7500 with a 128 bit interface as they tend to put the highest spec parts in their priciest laptops. I'd bet that a 64 meg Geforce 4 Go with a 128 bit interface would more than make up the 300 point difference in 3D mark.

    If you already have a home gaming machine and only occassionally want to play on your laptop a Geforce 2 go is probably all you need.
  6. You have to remember that all of these laptops involved have only a Pentium 3 processor. I saw the ATi Radeon Mobility 7500 64 MB with a Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, with the same options as the Toshiba 5000-s507 at The ProStar 5694. It's the SAME PRICE as the Toshiba, perhaps a hundred or two more. But it's double the speed. What would you buy then?
  7. I'd still buy a laptop with a Geforce 4 go. if you wanna know why read my reply to your post in the Geforce4Go thread.
    And we're talking about the best mobile graphics chipset not the fastest mobile CPU...
  8. well if just talking about the graphic chipset out then,, isn't the Sony A3ti notebook the fastest.... it has the FIre GL Mobile chip and a P4-M 1.7 Ghz CPu... =P

    But I think the P4 with the Mobule Ati 75000 chip is the fastest notebook.

  9. Well according to Tom's Hardware Guide the Fire GL 7800 and the Mobility Radeon 7500 are the same core except that the 7800 has drivers certified for CAD and other professional applications as well as being able to run consumer products (games) and may be clocked higher than the 7500.

    I remember seeing a benchmark in which a Geforce 4 Go with only 32 megs of DDR RAM scored about 200 points higher than a ATI 7500 RAdeon with 64 Megs of RAM on the 3D Mark 2001 benchmark.

    The 7800 is 40 mhz faster than the Geforce 4 Go but we don't know if it turns out higher framerates yet or scores higher on MadOnions 3-D mark 2001 benchmark.

    Of course we can't know if the 7800 is faster than the GF 4 Go unless one laptop maker decided decided to make a highend laptop available with the 7800 or the Geforce 4 Go with every other component being the same.

    That being said why would you want to pay extra for the 7800 unless you were going to use programs such asAuto CAD and the like?


    SagerNotebook is a pretty good buy though. Just make sure you buy the NP5650V or S with the P4 mobile and not the one that has the desktop P4 unless you like having a huge battery (of course one could joke about "needing" a large battery...)

  10. because I do want to use those hi-end programs on the laptop. i'm a freelancer, I do a lot web/multimedia graphics ,3D animation, and video editing.

    so I want aptop that can run 3DS max 4 and UNREAL editor 2.0 really well, and maybe even be able to run Maya 4.

    it seems accoring to test they did on THG is that the ATI cards seem do way better when it comes to 3DS max 4, but there are no test here for when using maya and Unreal editor, or any other game editors.

  11. what do you guys recommend... Sony, Dell or Toshiba for laptop's.... High End Laptop's

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  12. Please note that I said unless you use those hi-end programs, so I was excluding you from the why would you spend the extra money question.

    Anyway since you want to use those programs, then you should go for the Fire GL if you look on the main page of Tom's hardware though there's a review the Geforce 4 go.

    Excluding the programs that most people probaby wouldn't use, you being an exception, the Geforce 4 go was as fast or faster generally speaking. Namely Games. The Geforce 4 Go with 64 megs scored about 330 points higher than the 7800 with 64 megs on 3DMark2001 and had more fps in Quake three at lower resolutions although at the highest resolution it was pretty much a draw. The laptop with the 7800 had a battery advantage in DVD playback though.

    Another point is that Nvidia will be releasing the Quadro4Go which like the Fire GL mobile GPU will be designed with those programs you want to take advantage of in mind. So if you can wait you probably should. It migh just be faster in both general consumer and professionally oriented apps much as the Geforce 4 Go is as fast or faster in consumer apps than the 7800.


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  13. Does anyone know exactly what the difference is between the ATI Mobility Fire GL 7800 and the ATI Mobility Radeon 7500? Is it the same chip with just different markings and a different price?
  14. Pretty much. they perform about the same

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