RamDrive + Readyboost- Issue on reloading ramdrive on startup.

Hey guys,

I'm using a SSD with 8 gigs of ram in windows 7 x64.

I installed a RAMdrive using 2 gigs of my hardware ram. The ramdrive is set to save the ramdrive at shut down, and reload at start up. I have ready boost set up at 1700 megs.

so here is what I noticed....

The ramdrive has a file "readyboost.sfcache" of 1700 megs. Everything is fine so far.
But when I right click on properties of the drive and click on Readyboost, the option "Do not use this device for Readyboot" is selected.

So, what I think happened is on shutdown, the RAMDRIVE was copied to my c:\ drive. Then at startup, the RAMDRIVE was restored from the c:\ drive WITH the readyboost.sfcache on it.

So then if windows tried to turn it back on, it would have not been able to because there was already "readyboost.sfcache."

So I guess, the real question is, "Will readyboost still work even if the properties of the drive have it listed as "Do not use this device." Because it does still have the readyboost.sfcache on the RAMdrive.

Also, how can I TEST it? I quite frankly have no idea how :P

Thanks guys :)
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