Dropping connection from one machine not the other

Since installing my router, (D-Link DI-804V - most up to date firmware on a 256/128 DSL connection), I have had dreadful problems with one of the machines on the LAN side of the router.


Often, when calling up complicated websites, (like this one), I have to press Refresh several times before the page comes up. Not the case on the other machine.

If I leave the machines running but unattended, the problem machine tends to exhibit "network" like problems, i.e. things like Seti@Home will hang during downloading a unit, sometime the machine actually crashes. These problems usually start within 24 hours of being left alone.

Streaming fails regulaly on the problem machine. Yesterday, as an experiment, I had the same streaming audio running to both of the machines at the same time. In an hour, the problem machine dropped the connection 22 times, the other machine none at all.

Failing machine:
2.533GHz P4 WIndows XP on board SiS 900 NIC up to date driver

Working machine:
233MHz P2 Windows 95 SMC NIC

The XP system tells me everything is working. If I try to "repair" the net connection it comes right back and tells me it is working fine.

Presumably the fact that the other machine indicates the ISP/Modem/Router are okay. I have swapped the cables and the problem stays with the machine.

Can anybody think of anything I can look at, this is driving me nuts!

Med venlig hilsen,
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  1. Hei,
    It sounds as though you have automatic proxy detection on. Go to Tools, options, connections (or equivalent in your language) an check for it. It may also be Spyware, so download Ad-Aware and SpyBot and run those.

    Considering the duality of your greeting (Dansk eller Norsk), I am not sure whether to congratulate you or comfort you, but I sure need a drink tonight. I can't believe we have so many good players and such a shitty team. I wish Egil "Drillo" Olsen was back at the helm.


    Poor windows was not a brave soul. Threatened by the force of General Protection and Major Problem the little OS committed suicide by hanging.
  2. Hej Dev,

    I had a look at the connections, and although I could not find the option you mention, none of the proxy stuff is enabled.

    I routinely run AdAware and have downloaded SpyBot and will see if this makes any difference.

    Didn't see the game, but my, slightly biased view is that it was a good result!

    Med venlig hilsen,
  3. No noticeable improvement.

    Med venlig hilsen,
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