DFI LanParty UT or ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe?

Which is the better mobo for the ultimate gaming experience the DFI LanParty UT RDX200 or ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe, socket 939 for my AMD Atlon 64 X2 4800+ processor?
Price is not an issue.

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  1. Depends on your choice .. Nvidia , with Sli 7900 GTX 512 MB or ATI , with crossfire 1900XT 256 + 512 MB ... For some benchmarks... ATI is better , but for others .... Nvidia is better... who is better , Ferrari or Porshe ? At mountain top... you have just to feel the passion... but one detail .. get FX60 to complete the stickers collection in your fancy computer case for ultimate gaming machine... as money is not an issue...
  2. Thanx,
    As far as collecting stickers...according Asuteks website, the x2 processors have better multithreading/multitasking performance than the Athlon 64 FX or Athlon 64. Is the FX a better gaming processor?

    I wish I could see some benchmarks on this so that I can evaluate which is the best mobo/processor combination. (for gaming that is)....
    My thoughts for graphics are on GeForce 7800GT dual SLI and Corsair Twinx2048-3500-LLPRO DDR CL 2-3-2-6-1T, 437Mhz for memory.
    If you see any weak points in this, just fire away, all critique is welcome.

  3. I'll try and clear some stuff up, otherwise I will just probably confuse you even more lol. The Fx-57 single core, as far as i know, is the single fastest processor for gaming availible. Its freakishly fast, but if you multi task ever you may want to consider the FX-60 dual core. Single core is on its way out, we all can see that.

    As for the motherboard option, the first thing to decide on is SLI v. Crossfire, and do you even intend on buying 2 GPU's. I took the SLI plunge, and I'm not entirely impressed with it, however, certain news releases are making me feel better about it. Nvidia just announced (a week or two ago) that they will be realeasing SLI Physics drivers. This will allow the compute to use excess floating point calulation capacity in SLI for real-time physics calculations for games. Ok, given the game has to be programmed to take advantage of it, but its still worth considering. Ati has made an announcement that they will release their own physics deal, but not how.

    Once you decide on SLI/CF, then you come to the mobo, and this is where experiance comes into play. How inclined are you to overclock? And if so, how much experiance do you have with it? I recently went from a extremely limited Asus socket 478 board to a DFI LanParty UT Expert and I about drowned in the amount of options the DFI board presents. But, the options work, you can get massive overclocks with DFI but it takes ALOT more effort, and alot more time to get it right.

    If you just want the thing to work, and maybe tack on a modest overclock, then Asus will do you just fine and it will work. DFI will enable crazy clocks, crazy lock ups (if configured wrong, but fixable), and lots of frustration, but you will be able to hit speeds above Asus.

    I have had my DFI board for 3 months now and I still don't know all the options, and i still mess with it weekly to try and squeeze out a few more Mhz. Also, DFI has an amazing fourm where people can help you with your issues/overclocks.
  4. What monitor do you use for gaming and what resolution/AA/AF/HDR settings do you use? What games do you primarily play?

    As far as multitasking goes...What is your average usage of the PC? How many programs do you commonly have running at one time and what programs are they? There are very few programs and only one game that really uses the second core's processing power in dual core CPUs right now.

    Critiques so far:
    1. SLi/Crossfire. Only really shines when gaming at high resolutions with all the eye candy enabled. A future consideration is how physics processing will fit into the equation. The Havok physics engine would use "spare" GPU cycles to do physics processing and that would give an advantage to SLi/CF rigs. Of course that assumes the games you want to play will have havok implemented. When you start talking future, then you get into a lot of supposition/speculation - something I don't like to do. If you're looking too hard at the future, then wait for Conroe or the next great thing from AMD, nVidia, ATi, etc. I prefer to buy now for my current usage.
    2. Buy the latest generation GPU that your budget can afford if your primary purpose is gaming. That means a 7900/1900 series vid card.
    3. Single core CPUs are almost always better for playing current games. Will that change? Probably. How soon will that change happen and how large of an impact will it have? Depends on the programmers that are making the games that you want to play....again getting into supposition/speculation. :wink:

    Just some food for thought...
  5. Good points, and I agree with you. I do know there are a few games that are copmatible with Aegis physica cards coming out, i want to say either Q4 of this year or Q1 of next year, but im deifnately not certain.
  6. FX-60 have the same core as X2-4800 , but multiplier are unlocked so you can possibly reach higher overclock rates (but not in real world as FX used to be) . So Asus claim is an idiot claim as besides the multiplier , both cpu are the same.... same limitations , same loss for single core in games... but price is very diferent ...so as mentioned , FX is for sticker collection , for branding the machine ... Honestly U can spend more than 10K to set the perfect rig and after placing the last screw, something better could be done again... So you must find out what U needs, and what U wishes... between these two points U will find your PC ... Sli , Crossfire, single card...it depends on what U expect from your rig...
  7. I personally like the asus. A friend of mine has that same board and he has his x2 3800 clocked to 2.7 on water w/ no issues from the board. (has seen 2.8 easy but wants to keep the thing quieter...) A big reason I like it is the passive chipset heatpipe cooling that the high-end asus boards have. I hate those tiny fans, and have had many fail on me on other boards. They also have that high-pitched whine to them. annoying. (my mobo has that same cooling :) )

    I have never owned a dfi though, and alot of ppl here like 'em so I would guess they are prty good.

    Definitely go dual core, if you can afford it get the fx60, but you can get a lower one and oc it if you are up for that. (opteron or x2) Also I agree w/ above and say that you should buy the most you can afford, especially on a video card. Get the 7900/x1900 series even if that means dropping from the fx cpu and saving a few hundred bucks to put to the video.
  8. And those games may or may not be in his preferred genre...

    You've had mixed results with SLi, too. What monitor are you using? What games/resolutions?
  9. Thanx, your feedback is much appreciated.

    The games i play are mainly MS Flight simulator 2004 (FS9) and Battlefield 2.
    I do not intend to OC, however, if it has benefits I am willing to do it. Not much experience with it... right now I have a Prescott model POS and it doesnot react very well to OC. POS stands for Piece of S..... LOL
    No, when I play a game I do not wish to do anything else, so that rules out any dual core from what I understand from your explanations.
    The monitor I use is a good old CRT 19" IIyama and I run it at 1600x1200x32 4xAA 4xAF with a Geforce 6600 Ultra. Other applications are watching HDTV programs (Nvidia PureVideo)
    My FS9 stutters in 3D mode and I want to get rid of it. Simple mind that I am (have) I am reasoning that I need more power and am willing to invest in it. Sometimes BF2 also stutters or is it lagging? hard to tell.

    I guess if you don't know then you don't know what you don't know....

    The Physx co-processor is high on my list of wannahaves, can't find a place in the eu where they sell it though.

    Much appreciated, Gents

  10. Physics co-processor right now is only availible through OEM Systems, as far as I know.

    @ Dual Core, just because you don't want to do anythign else while gaming doesn't mean you won't benefit from it. You could run anti virus scans while playing with photoshop, or browse then internet while encoding video. Simply put, if your going to lay down the money for a really nice system you might as well go dual core. The advantages will increase as programs are programmed to take advantage of the multiple cores as opposed to now when they presume there is only one.

    @ BF2, if your going to play BF2 at those resolutions, 2GB of memory is mandated pretty much. I hit 80% utilization when i run BF2 at settings just a touch above yours.

    @ OC, since you do not have much experiance and do not intend on OC"ing i would recommend an Asus board. I love my DFi, but its for crazy people lol :tongue:
  11. Do me a favor; list your current system specs and your proposed upgrade specs.
  12. asus a8n32 is much better. the dfi has so many instability problems i dont want to get into it. if u really want xfire, get the asus 32x version of it with the 3200 chipset. and btw, a ferrari is better than porsche hands down, but not better than a lamborghini!
  13. Current specs:

    MSI 865PE Neo-V
    Prescott at 3.03Ghz
    1 GB dual channel DDR PC3200 TwinMOS
    Gainward GeForce 6600 Ultra 1740 AGP8x 256Mb (340/530)
    160 GB IDE HD WD
    500 GB F800 ext HD LaCie Big Disc
    LG DVD writer 8x
    20 Mbit WLAN LinkSys wireless
    Windows XP Pro SP2

    In other words: steam engine specs.

    Looking seriously at:
    ASUS A8N32-SLI
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
    Corsair Twinx2048-3500-LLPRO DDR CL 2-3-2-6-1T, 437Mhz
    ASUS GeForce 7800GT SLI Dual
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 400 GB SATA2 16MB 7200rpm in RAID0
    Creative SB X-Fi Elite Pro PCI
    ThermalTake Silent PurePower 680W Dual Fan
    Akasa Eclipse 62 case
    Physics co-processor when it comes available

    Once again if you see anything incompatible or obvious weak links in this rig. just fire away. Better learn now then after spending my money.
  14. Quote:
    and btw, a ferrari is better than porsche hands down, but not better than a lamborghini!

    The 06 Corvette Z06 owns them all(not to mention the Blue Devil which will be even faster). Sure, the certain models of the others might be a few tenths faster in some places, but for the price of those models (even the lowest models of ferraris and lambos) you can have 2 or more the Z06. Who wants to pay $500-1 million for car that breaks all the time or you can't even legally drive on the street (Enzo). I'd rather have the Z06 and $900,000 in my pocket.
  15. I woudl like to recommend 3 adjustments to your spec'd rig:

    First toss the 7800Gt and pick up the 7900GT; more pipes, more speed, and $300.

    Second, toss the seagate hard drives and pickup some Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD4000KS 400GB , they are bad mofo's. I haven't heard the greatest things about Seagate, and these WD's get praise for thier speed and cool surface temps.

    Third, just make sure you have 2Gb of RAM for BF2

    Other than that it looks pretty nice to me.
  16. I know you're excited about this build right now, but based on your current specs i think you could save a lot of money and be happy by just upgrading your video card. It's not as svelt as building the new AMD rig, but I think the performance increase from putting in a 7800GS and maybe adding 1GB of RAM would shock you. Even if you get two new 1GB sticks, you would be looking at around $450 vs. ~$2k for the new rig. Food for thought...
  17. I think I agree... if you are after the props of the build, then of course go on and build your heart out. HOWEVER, if you are looking for a huge performance increase you may not find it. your proc is not a steam engine. 3Ghz is a pretty good performance mark for p4's and for non-multithreaded apps and games you will not see much of a diff going to that x2 chip IMO.

    Games will obviously see improvement, but that 6600 is not a bad card per-se, and a 7800gs in your current system might surprise you.

    Naturally what you are talking about building is not a run-of-the-mill system like your current one is. It is definitely top-end with performance to spare. If that is what you are after then go for it... I envy your budget. Just dont right-off that current system yet.

    EDIT: and yes, if you are building get the 7900 not 7800... better match for the rest of the system.
  18. The reason I said 7800GS is that it comes in AGP - at this time I don't think there is a 7900 series card in AGP...
  19. oh ya, i know that... i meant that if he was building that new system that he should get the 7900... I agree w/ you on that gs though if he keeps his current rig. sorry I wasnt clearer on that. ;)
  20. Yeah I think Nvidia is finally going to try and kill off AGP. I'm still suprised they even released the 7800 series to AGP. Just die already..... lol :tongue:
  21. I agree... I could get better performance by just upgrading the graphics card and the memory....its just that I want to be ready for the next level of games that will be released. I looked at the AMD site, particularly at the games especially designed for 64 bit processing and I can see the difference. SLI with 64 bit is a very nice combination.
    Besides I have had my rig for more than a year now and I am disappointed in the Intel cpu....it runs so darned hot. In the summer time with ambient temps at 28 degrees celcius (80 plus Fahrenheit) it turns into a waffle toaster :D
    AMD has a much better performance per Watt ratio. I do not believe in water cooling...adding more energy to get rid of excess energy doesnot make any sense to me.
    Thanks for the tip and your concern. :wink:
  22. Supe: Understood and not a prob - agree on 7900 or 1900 series card for a new build. As far as the death of AGP...it looks like nVidia did really well with the release of the 7800GS. AGP may be heading out the door, but I would not be surprised if nVidia released a 7900GS for desktop.

    Exa: I'll preface what I'm about to say; I rarely recommend someone wait for new tech if they are thinking about doing a new build or an upgrade. Most of the time it makes no sense. My philosophy is if you are going to build a system, then build the best system in your budget with the tech currently on the market and be happy. That being said, I understand your frustration with Prescott heat and AMD's current advantage in perf/watt, but with your rig and a 7900GS you will be ready for the next level of games that hit the streets - even gaming at your res/settings. I'd go as far as saying you will easily be good for the next 12-18 months. AMD is making the switch to DDR2 with the AM2 socket change, Conroe is coming out this year and Windows Vista has been delayed. Conroe will most likely take back the performance crown as well as the perf/watt advantage. Without Vista and games that take advantage of 64bit processing you don't get much - if anything - by having a 64bit CPU. By doing an upgrade now you will be ready to play new titles and can watch the performance battles. By the time your rig becomes CPU performance bound you should be in the middle of some price wars and we both know that price wars are a consumers friend.
  23. I'm not really sure if anyone that does water cooling is actually trying to "add energy to get rid of energy"... any that I have seen/done the purpose better described as "add energy to get more energy". Water cooling is an oc'ers friend and it allows ramping up the cpu performance.

    But I see what you are after, and I say build now. You obviously have the "build bug" (fatal unless placated by new hardware) and are acting accordingly. ;) Build now and don't look back! :D
  24. Quote:
    But I see what you are after, and I say build now. You obviously have the "build bug" (fatal unless placated by new hardware) and are acting accordingly. ;) Build now and don't look back! :D

    LMAO... that bug is deadly, at least to your wallet.
  25. Quote:
    I'm not really sure if anyone that does water cooling is actually trying to "add energy to get rid of energy"... any that I have seen/done the purpose better described as "add energy to get more energy". Water cooling is an oc'ers friend and it allows ramping up the cpu performance.

    But I see what you are after, and I say build now. You obviously have the "build bug" (fatal unless placated by new hardware) and are acting accordingly. ;) Build now and don't look back! :D

    You are right, I was actually meaning a refrigirating cooler, the noob that I am. Still learning to walk the walk and talk the talk. :oops:
  26. To rugger,
    Copy that. But I have been bitten by the builders bug. And there is no cure :D

    From what I have read today in the news, I am not so sure if Vista is going to be sold in the eu by januari 2007 in full version.
    Mrs. Neelie Smit-Kroes of the commision of competitiveness (did I spell that right?) seems to have the power to block MS's intention of killing more competition and not complying with the open standard (such as openoffice.org).
    In my humble and layman's view, Vista is also the next step towards trusted computing, which is just a nice word for surrendering the control of your pc and its data to the software manufacturers. Which is an absolutely horrific thought. Just my 2 cents on Vista. :roll:
  27. ya, I suffer from the chronic mutation of that condition... and with the meager once-every-three-year build budget that I have, it results in withdrawl fits throughout the many sleepless nights.

    very sad.
  28. LOL :D

    The diffrence between the men and the boys is the price of their toys.
    Here I am, age 47, and still involved in virtual shoot outs and other futile digital exercises.
    But I amd HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!!! :twisted: :tongue:
  29. rofl
  30. Quote:
    LOL :D

    The diffrence between the men and the boys is the price of their toys.
    Here I am, age 47, and still involved in virtual shoot outs and other futile digital exercises.
    But I amd HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!!! :twisted: :tongue:

    Hell man, im 21 and I plan on doing this crap until the day I die. Come halo 15 in 50 years.... I will still be playing owning your ass with a sniper that can curve the bullets around corners and has a digital camera in the tip so I can guide it remotely LMAO.

    God computers are fun.
  31. I completely understand the builder's bug! I just wanted to make sure you knew there were other viable options for less money. :wink:

    Note: Your statement on Vista actually makes one of my points; there will be no widely-used, 64-bit OS and associated games to take advantage of the 64bit processing power in your rig. I don't disagree with your trusted computing assessment, but until there is a viable alternative we are in a little bit of a pickle... :evil:
  32. Get the Asus Mainboard S-939 Xpress 3200 Crossfire and save a bit of money on AMD Opteron UP Model 175 S-939 2.2GHz and put that money you saved on Asus VGA-Card RX1900XTX and you will have a great all round build :D
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