Which is beter Geforce 6800GS or Geforce 2x6600GT?

What is beter Geforce 6800gs or Geforce 2x6600GT
Im just wondering because im configuring a pc and there's both the options.

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  1. Always pick a single more powerful card over an SLI setup.

    The 6800 GS is a pretty decent card, but also consider the new 7600 GT and older X850 XT. Both under $200, both better than the 6800 GS.
  2. a quick google found HardOCP Looking at a 6600GT "SLI" card produced by gigabyte...

    OK, it's not actually 2x6600GT cards in SLI, but this single card is effectively the same, and should perform as such.

    That review shows that the 2x6600GT cards being roughly the same as a 6800GT (SLI better in DOOMIII, everything else the single 6800GT is better). I know that's not a GS, but the 6800GT and GS perform at very similar levels, so it's a reasonable indicator of performance.

    Based on that, I'd definitely say to go with the 6800GS solution. It's a less complicated solution, and you won't have to worry about driver profiles/SLI-quirks robbing you of half your performance in the odd game here and there.... Plus the 6800GS (PCI-E at least) overclocks like a beast.... And I bet at the (very reasonable expectation) 20% overclock it'll thrash the Sli config easily.
  3. Quote:
    the new 7600 GT and older X850 XT. Both under $200, both better than the 6800 GS.
    Don't keep reminding me! Waaa!

    I hate computers, and their stupidly fast evolving technologies.... :cry: *sniff*
  4. I would never buy a pair of 6600GT or 6800GS units for SLI, when a single 7900GT will thoroughly decimate them both, and at less overall cost..
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