Widescreen LCD / E-VGA 6800 GS

Hi there, first time poster - please be nice :)

I work for BenQ - graphic designer, canadian office - so i can get a pretty good deal on our 202W widescreen monitor - (8ms, .258 dot pitch, 1680 x 1050 (WSXGA+) native res).

i have an E-vga 6800 GS video card and ive heard conflicting info about if my card will support that resolution or not. some people have said no, while other said that the nvidia drivers will make it work lol. i dont know much about the tech end of it, but i know from messing with my 23" widescreen lcd at work here if i drop below the native res, it sure does look like garbage lol.

then theres the Acer 19" widescreen which does 1440 x 900 - which i know my card can do, its cheaper, but no dvi, and just all in all the specs dont stack up to the BenQ one - and its only like $50 less than the one i can get.

any help would be very appreciated, i want to upgrade to widescreen and the higher res the better of course, but i cant afford a new monitor + video card - only got this card like 4 months ago lol.


- nix
3700+64/1.5bm mem/6800GS/Sata Drives from 2005/IDE Drives from 1995 :)
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  1. Well this should answer your question:


    Nvidia says yes, although they are talking dell the res is the same
  2. awesome, thank you so much!


    - nix
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